Sunday, November 18, 2018

Fair and balanced

The Buttermilk Sky Organization tries to be even-handed about politics and politicians, no matter how difficult it is.  In the wake of Blue Tuesday, it is necessary to call out the good guys for some bad ideas.

1.  The movement to expel Steve King from the House is probably a waste of time and energy, and would set a dangerous precedent.  Sure, he's a Nazi-loving piece of crap in a party full of them, but Iowa voters seem to have no problem with that.  It's up to them to pull the plug.  Unless a member of Congress is convicted of a crime, censure should be enough.  (How has someone this vile not been recruited onto Team Trump?)

2.   I would love to see Maxine Waters become Speaker, but she doesn't seem interested in the job, and I don't know enough about Marcia Fudge, who has emerged as a contender.  If the fight will only result in simmering grudges, might as well stick with Nancy Pelosi; she's done this before, and done it well.  The problem isn't Pelosi, it's Chuck Schumer over in the Senate, a born lapdog and corporate stooge (Facebook, specifically).  Looks like a job for Sherrod Brown or Ed Markey.

3.  This one hurts.  Everybody knows elections were stolen in Georgia and Florida through breathtaking acts of chicanery that were the reason the Voting Rights Act was passed back in 1965, only to be demolished by the Roberts court.  It's time to start work on a second one.  In the meantime, Stacey Abrams should have conceded instead of starting on her next campaign.  It's what you do even if you've been royally screwed as in Bush v. Gore.  Nelson and Gillum conceded; Abrams will be remembered as a sorehead and a whiner, which would be unfair to this smart, energetic woman.

4.  On a happier note, the House is about to change a very old rule so Ilhan Omar (D-MN) can wear a headscarf on the floor.  This is going to drive some of the Republicans into a very ugly place (expect a torrent of rage tweets).  So let's not abuse it with cowboy hats, gimme caps, sports gear and miner helmets just to make heads explode.  (Exception for Frederica Wilson, who is already known for her distinctive hats.)

Enjoy it.  Back to partisanship tomorrow.


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