Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Tough words

There are days when we hardly know where to start, so we'll just double-glove and dig in, as Dr. Ronny Jackson did a few days ago.  Trump is "in excellent health," he said with a straight face, adding mentally "for an obese 71-year-old who lives on sugar and fat and takes no exercise."  Jackson wore his Navy uniform to signal that he must follow orders, like the doctor who performed the JFK autopsy.  We get it, doc.  For the prostate exam alone, you should get the Navy Cross.  And I see you also administered the Montreal Cognitive Assessment, where the subject has to identify a picture of a camel and explain what oranges and bananas have in common.  Perfect score?  Of course.  Wink wink.  Two hundred thirty-nine pounds, eh?  What, on the moon?

Larry Nassar is another doctor in the news, sentenced today for sexually abusing over a hundred girls and women on the US Olympic gymnastic team and at Michigan State University.  "I just want healing," he said.  He is already serving sixty years for possession of child pornography.  Considering how child molesters are regarded in prison, he'll be lucky to live six months.

The debate continues to rage about whether Trump called most of the world "shithole countries" or "shithouse countries."  It's a subtle distinction, but when you have the best words, you deploy them with exquisite care.  Thing is, the Republicans in the room either couldn't hear it or don't remember what they heard.  That includes the buxom blonde Secretary of Homeland Security, Kirstjen Nielsen, whose ancestors clearly did not come from anyplace on the shit list.  She "did not hear that word," she assured the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, and she was also stumped when asked if Norway is "mostly white."  Homeland security?  I feel more secure already.  And forget about Oprah -- Corey Booker opened his campaign for president today.  Look for it on YouTube, I don't do links.

"US Warned Jared Kushner About Wendy Deng Murdoch," was the very interesting headline in yesterday's Wall Street Journal.  From what I read before the paywall popped up, the intelligence community believed she was "advancing the interests of the Chinese government," i.e., spying.  She is also the ex-wife of Rupert Murdoch, who owns The Wall Street Journal, so this may be the most elegant piece of revenge porn I've ever seen.  Or Kushner is just a fool, or both.  This would have been around the time his sister was in China peddling US visas to the wealthiest, so there's probably a lot more to this than Robert Mueller has time or investigators to uncover.

You know why Puerto Rico still has no electricity?  The Jews.  Someone called Wilda Rodriguez revealed this in an op-ed in El Nuevo Dia.  You see, they control the government and all they care about is recovering the money Puerto Rico owes to mainland banks, so they're preventing the island from resuming normal, wait, that makes no sense, does it?  The paper apologized today for this inanity, without explaining why they decided to publish it in the first place.  The resurgence of blatant, uncoded anti-Semitism is a shock to everyone who has been living in a cave for the last two years.

I see where the term "girther" has been created for those who don't believe Trump weighs less than Albert Pujols, or has grown an inch in the past year.  Let the fun begin.



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