Monday, November 30, 2015

Je suis Planned Parenthood

 They were out in full battle array, the police of America, with assault weapons and helmets, patrolling the streets as the great festival of shopping began -- a sight to chill the blood even if you are not a young black man.  They were meant to make us feel safe from the kind of attack that has occurred in foreign cities.  And as they scrutinized the crowds for people who "look Islamic," whatever that means, they failed to notice Robert Dear approaching the clinic in Colorado Springs, weapons and propane tanks in tow but unquestionably a white man.  A disaffected loner radicalized by the video lies of the "Center for Medical Progress" and the hateful rhetoric of the Republican Party, but obviously not a terrorist, for there is no such thing as a white American terrorist.  After killing three people and wounding others, he ranted about Obama and "no more baby parts," but his motive is still unclear, so they say.  He is "troubled," so they say.  Nobody else is responsible for his actions, certainly not those who radicalized him.  Guilty of nothing but free speech.

Why would Daesh bother sending jihadis to America?  We're pretty damn good at terrorizing ourselves.  And none dare call it terror.  Mental illness, maybe.  The question we should be asking is, why is Republican doctrine indistinguishable from mental illness?