Sunday, October 16, 2011

Friday night lights out

I have seen the end of civilization. I know, most of us have said that at least once a day since the Nixon Administration, but this is the real thing.

Lingerie League Football.

Two teams of women, in bras and garter belts (and helmets), playing football. When did this become a thing? It was too sleazy even for E! or ESPN; it was on one of those VH1 channels. The coaches (all male) appeared to be taking it seriously, too -- not like Tom Hanks at the beginning of A League of Their Own, when he's too drunk even to make out the lineup. If this were a one-off, some dumb National Lampoon movie for mental fourteen-year-olds, I could have changed the channel with a shrug and a sigh. Instead, I have this permanent cramp behind my forehead and a sense that Rush Limbaugh has had his revenge for not being allowed to buy into the NFL.

As for the women, I hope they make a decent wage and have major medical. What more do I have a right to wish? In 2011, that's beyond the dreams of millions.