Thursday, May 27, 2010

He put a spell on you

From Robin of Berkeley, at the prestigious blog American Thinker:

"When pundits analyze why the masses flocked to the mysterious, untested Obama, they cite the
usual suspects: anger at George Bush, white guilt, desire for some elusive change. But there's a missing ingredient here: sex...millions have fallen under his spell and remain smitten."

Not Robin, who saw right through his seductive wiles, but the masses, which was, of course, a left-wing magazine of the 1930s. And I can tell you how: Obama forced us all to convert to digital television so he could hypnotize us with his secret Zulu mind-control ray. It doesn't work in analog. Doesn't work! Step over to the chalkboard and I'll show you why. If you re-arrange the letters in ANALOG you get LOGAN A. As in Logan Airport, where three of the four 9/11 flights originated. Coincidence? There are no coincidences. The word ANALOG had to disappear so no one would find out who was really behind the attacks. Now we all have to use DIGITAL, which is part of the word DIGITALIS, a drug also known as foxglove. FOX glove. The socialist fascist Democrats want you to associate Fox with 9/11! People, it's happening. I love my country so much, and I hate what they're doing to it!

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Monday, May 03, 2010

Why we fought to save the Union

"The Tennessee Lottery Headquarters has been flooded by recent rains. The winning Pick 5 numbers were chosen from the N.Y. State Lottery."

So what if New York allows atheists to hold public office, and permits the teaching of evolution? When a crisis looms, Tennessee can forgive these sins. Temporarily.