Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Not better late than never

I'm thoroughly tired of people who aid and abet evil and then do penance, usually by writing a best-selling book. I'm not just talking about Satan's coatholders like David Brock and Scott McClellan. The world would be an infinitely better place had J. Robert Oppenheimer and Andrei Sakharov developed consciences before doing their "great" scientific work instead of afterward. I think they knew that vaporizing people by the millions is wrong, but their male egos got in the way. Listen, boys, you don't have to become a martyr for peace if you don't build the big, bad toys in the first place.

Brock and McClellan will be linked in future footnotes (if digital books even have notes). It was Brock's smear job on Prof. Anita Hill that helped a desperately unqualified nominee be confirmed to the Supreme Court, where he joined in the conspiracy that overturned the 2000 election and appointed McClellan's master so Scotty-boy could help sell a pointless and unwinnable war. Brock's mea culpa (Blinded By the Right: The Conscience of an Ex-Conservative) came out five years ago, and McClellan has added a new chorus to the same old song: It's not my fault I lied for a liar, it's your fault you believed me/us. In other words, fool you once, shame on me; fool you every day for months by impugning your patriotism and your sanity, shame on you. And that's about it, really, except for speculating on their common destination. After all, I'm not Dante.


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