Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Slippery slope

Some years ago an Italian clothing company brought out a line of denim pants called Jesus Jeans. The Catholic Church was furious, demanding that billboards come down and magazines stop accepting advertising, and employing terms like "sacrilege" and "insult." Of course, nobody got hurt because the Church had lost the power to kill people for offenses against Christianity, after abusing it for about a thousand years. No one should die for naming a product after a religious figure, or a toy after a prophet. But no one should act holier-than-thou about it, either. This kind of thing happens where religions control states, and it could very well happen where presidents flout the Constitution by establishing religious charities in the White House, essentially re-routing tax money to organizations which paid no tax in the first place. We need to clean up our own society before we chastise Sudan.


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