Friday, May 07, 2021

Hitting the fan

 Critically endangered, my ass.  Cinda Mickols lives on a hilltop north of Los Angeles and is paying the price for all that natural beauty.  A flock of California condors invaded her deck and trashed the place, and now they won't leave.  The birds have a ten-foot wingspan and are not impressed when the five-foot-three-inch Ms. Mickols waves her cane at them.  Their shit is everywhere and so is their smell.  "Yeah, protected species," they taunt.  "Whaddaya gonna do, shoot us?"  Insert Hitchcock reference here. 

People who track stuff continue to track Long March 5B as it hurtles back to earth we know not where.  Best guess this morning was Sudan.  According to the Washington Post "There are no recorded instances of a human ever being killed by reentering space debris -- though a cow in Cuba did lose its life in 1961."  That was right around the time Fidel Castro decided to order some Russian missiles.  Probably no connection.

Ron DeSantis's unhinged WELCOME CORONAVIRUS!! policy may cost Florida its lucrative Norwegian Cruise Line business.  The company sensibly requires all passengers and crew to show proof of covid vaccination before sailing and Florida does not.  NCL's CEO Frank Del Rio, clearly part of the "woke mob," laconically observes that his ships can operate from less idiotic states and also from Caribbean ports just as easily.  Last year there were multiple outbreaks on cruise ships -- Google "floating petri dish" -- and most sane people don't want to go back there.

TripAdvisor has deleted a review of Auschwitz which called it "fun for the family," but only after being asked by the Auschwitz Memorial and Museum.  Initially they found that it complied with submission guidelines.  The reviewer has also been "cancelled" by TripAdvisor, so add them to the "big tech tyrants" Josh Hawley is gunning for.  ( you suppose he took the kids to Poland this year?)

Remember the Twinkie defense?  Back in 1979 Dan White got seven years for a carefully planned double assassination because the jury believed his claim to have been under the influence of junk food.  Maybe another jury will believe Anthony Antonio took part in the January 6 coup attempt because he was under the influence of junk television.  Antonio was stuck in a house for six months where he was subjected to non-stop Fox News, and he went mad, or got mad.  Anyway, he's all over his "Foxmania" now and would like to go home.  Is this a can of worms the insurrectionists want to open?  After all, Fox only amplified the Big Lie told by Trump.  

Then there was the unprecedented Washington Post op ed signed by all ten living former Secretaries of Defense, warning that Trump might try to use the military for an old-fashioned Banana Republic(an)-type coup.  In the New Yorker Susan B. Glasser reveals that it was organized by soon-to-be-former Republican House caucus chair Liz Cheney.  She'll be lucky if her family doesn't get a fish wrapped in her pants suit.

Can the news out of India get worse?  The mind-boggling numbers, the shortages of everything, the dead and dying in the streets?  Yes, it can.  Mucormycosis is a black fungus that results from uncontrolled blood sugar; half its victims die.  The treatment involves amputation; the symptoms are appalling.  And the Indian variant has now been found in San Diego.  I have a terrible feeling this virus is just getting its second wind.

"It's time for a spirit of forgiveness to be happening," says Roger Marshall (R-Kumbaya).  The senator supported every attempt to overturn the election results but he's "just so ready to move on."  Come on, people, smile on your brother, it's not Benghazi.  Hey, Democrats, admit you stuffed the Arizona ballot boxes with panda paper so Roger can get to more important things.  Like repealing the extra $300 the unemployed have been getting.  Go back to work, you lazy slobs!  Marshall's a doctor -- well a "pro-life OB-GYN," anyway.  This one's for you, Rog.




Thursday, May 06, 2021

From the desk of

 With so much to memorialize -- happy birthday, Orson Welles! -- I neglected to welcome the newest resident of Blogenheim.  Please greet  (You need a link?  I forgot how to do that.)

The Forty-fifth and Forever President was banned from Twitter and Facebook after inciting the January 6 coup attempt, and yesterday Facebook's hastily convened "Oversight Board" banned him again (this is starting to look like the Georgia recount).  Nothing daunted, only four months later he's back! with one of these blog things the kids are all buzzing about, issuing proclamations "From the Desk of Donald J. Trump."  We don't know who does the transcribing -- he's afraid of computers -- but the topic hasn't changed since November:  the election was stolen through the cowardice of Mike Pence, Mitch McConnell and punching bag du jour Liz Cheney,  the English language exists to be pummeled with random Capitalizations, and Donald has left the building.  Not really, he hasn't stirred from Xanadu II in weeks, but the site does not accept comments, only donations.  

It also seems a little light on visual interest, so I found this in the archives:

Spare a thought for Mike Lindell, whose own media platform is scheduled to lift off May 10 with the avowed purpose of re-installing Trump in the White House by August.  That's when the Supreme Court will take a look at his "evidence" and issue a warrant for Joe Biden's arrest -- oh, hell, execution -- and order a procession of cheerleaders flinging rose petals to lead Trump in triumph back home.  Please help me, I'm trapped inside Mike's head and it smells weird and I think I'm allergic to crystal meth.  Meanwhile, who's going to visit his new site if they can get the real thing?  A loyal henchman deserves better.

Lindell should learn from the experience of another loyal henchman, Rudolph Giuliani, subject of last week's dawn raid by the FBI.  Like Lindell, Lin Wood and Sidney Powell, he's being sued by the two voting technology companies they slandered for something north of a billion dollars, but that's not the worst of it.  Although putatively a super smart lawyer himself, Giuliani has retained four new lawyers, including two retired judges, to defend him regarding whatever the feds are finding on his computers and phones.  In other words, criminal charges.   His problem now seems to be paying for them; the RNC won't help him out and of course he never saw a nickel of the $400,000 Trump was supposed to pony up for all those electoral challenges and amusing press conferences and flatulent committee hearings.  What do you expect?  He had no more luck than the rest of the merry pranksters in overturning the vote.  Oh, Rudolph, broke, drunk and convicted is not a good look for you, even without the brown stains.  Have you considered starting a blog?

There's a new generation of loyal henchmen.  Exactly four months ago Lauren Boebert was letting the other Trumpanzees know where to locate Nancy Pelosi; now she's threatening Facebook for its insult to the Forever President, promising to "rein in" Big Tech because "free-speech hating fascist Democrats" won't.  Earlier she deleted a post that threatened, "They will pay!"  (She's going to lure Mark Zuckerberg to her restaurant and serve him pork sliders with a side of bloody diarrhea.)

Another victim of Cancel Culture is Josh Hawley  He's so cancelled, he can't get Ben Mankiewicz to interview him on TCM about his book.  Everyplace else it's pretty much wall-to-wall Hawley.  I haven't seen such a media blitz since Tiger Woods totaled his car.  

Javon Pulitzer is a name you may be unfamiliar with, though he's described as a treasure hunter and an inventor.  He's also helping out with the Arizona "audit" where, and you can't make this up, they've decided that 40,000 fake ballots were smuggled in from China and they mean to "prove" it by finding bamboo fibers in the paper.  I told you.  Panda paper, people, direct from the Central Committee.  Pulitzer "invented" the machine that "finds" the bamboo -- listen, can I skip the rest of the quotation marks? -- and can tell which Chinese province the bamboo came from.  I see a Medal of Freedom in Javon's future.  One day a prize for journalism will be named for...what?  There is?

Can't top that.


Wednesday, May 05, 2021

The last trumpet

Here in the heart of the pollen belt, the city fires off its emergency siren at noon on the first Wednesday of the month by way of a test.  Today it signaled the end of the once-serious Republican Party and all its creatures, because just as it sounded I read the latest from Judicial Watch.

For those who need more information like me, Judicial Watch says it "fights for accountability and integrity in law, politics and government.  Because no one is above the law!"   (Did you hear that, Andrew Giuliani?)  Today they announced filing of "a FOIA lawsuit against the United States Department of Homeland Security for records of communication between Secret Service officials assigned to the White House regarding the Biden family dogs."  Because America is waiting for someone to get to the bottom of this before the new cat arrives and the whitewash begins.   Then we'll never find out Who's a good boy? and Where is the squeaky toy?  Hearings!  We need hearings.

By contrast, Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) filed a FOIA request for the Mueller report which was suppressed by Bill Barr, who assured us that it totally exonerated Trump and we should get off the street and go home.  Judge Amy Berman Jackson has now ruled that Barr was full of shit "disingenuous" with his four-page precis, and has given Merrick Garland's new, improved Justice Department two weeks to release every incriminating word.  Judicial Watch has nothing to say about this yet, but I'll keep checking.

CREW also got records from the Secret Service, but not about dogs.  One of Trump's last acts before fleeing the scene of the crimes was to order six months of free babysitting for his adult spawn, the spawn spouses, and other rich people like Steve Mnuchin, Robert O'Brien and Mark Meadows.   They and their Secret Service minders have done more traveling since January than Champ and Major, though it's not known if they bit anyone or left poo on the floor.  (Eric?)

On the subject of tax dollars, if we can't defund the police, how about the sheriffs?  I don't know why a place like Los Angeles needs both a police and a sheriff department, but these deputies seem to have way too much time on their hands.  According to investigations by the ACLU and the National Lawyers Guild, they routinely harass the families of people they have killed.  Favorite techniques include parking in front of their homes, mocking them at vigils and memorial services and arresting them if they protest the killings.  Whatever sheriff deputies are meant to be doing obviously isn't getting done.  Has anyone in Los Angeles County noticed?

Would you like "A Shot and a Beer"?  New Jersey unveiled a program offering a free beer to any resident over 21 who presents proof of covid vaccination.  This follows Connecticut's similar "CT Drinks On Us."  I wonder if any other countries have to bribe their citizens to get a free inoculation which could save their lives.  If we don't pick up the pace, herd immunity won't happen this year.

This is the two hundredth anniversary of the Manchester Guardian (now the Guardian).  As far as I can see their first big story was not the death of Napoleon Bonaparte, also May 5, 1821; it took a while for the news to arrive from St. Helena.  France doesn't quite know what to do about "Boney."  On the one hand, he did re-write the legal code, liberate the ghettos and get France into the empire business.   He also re-instituted slavery in France and its territories, was a world-class misogynist even for that time, and got a hell of a lot of people killed.  For this reason the ceremony in Paris today was called "a commemoration, not a celebration."  He enraged Beethoven, who famously scribbled his name off the Third Symphony and then marked Waterloo with a terrible piece called Wellingtons Sieg.  I think I'll stick to Tchaikovsky and the 1812 Overture.   It's a lot shorter than Prokofiev's War and Peace.

Tuesday, May 04, 2021

Return of the yuppies

 The Chinese space program is bustling and ambitious, but also sloppy.  They seem to have a recurrent problem with what is euphemistically called "uncontrolled re-entry."  The bit to watch for this week is the rocket which launched the living quarters of the future Chinese Space Station and is now wobbling about in orbit, soon to land Mao knows where.  It will probably hit the water, or burn up in the atmosphere, or land on a city like "a small plane crash scattered over 100 miles."  If you find a piece marked "Long March 5B" in Mandarin, you're the lucky winner.  With all the interest in a revived NASA and the DoD paying official attention to "unidentified aerial phenomena," I feel like this should be getting more play than the ravings of the politicians.

For example, Liz Cheney and Trump are battling for custody of the phrase "The Big Lie."  Yesterday the make-pretend president emitted a statement that concluded, "The Fraudulent Presidential Election of 2020 will be, from this day forth, known as THE BIG LIE!"  (Gotta love that "from this day forth.")  Cheney, who still has a Twitter account, replied, "The 2020 presidential election was not stolen.  Anyone who claims it was is spreading THE BIG LIE, turning their back on the rule of law, and poisoning our democratic system."  I hate it when a Cheney is right, but I like it when they pull out the Long Knives on a regular basis.  

Florida is cracking down on election fraud, and not because Trump "won" the state.  Emily Rose Grover and her mother face multiple felony charges for rigging the homecoming queen election at Tate High School in Pensacola.  Grover will be tried as an adult although she was only seventeen when the alleged crime occurred; she and her mother face a maximum of sixteen years.  This is the sort of affront to democracy that Florida takes seriously.  I guess.

Those Florida Republicans are so smart, they passed a vote-suppression bill making it harder to vote by mail and then remembered all the old people in Florida who vote by mail!  And vote Republican!  Read it, it's fun.

The Arizona Republican party may regret its decision to censure Cindy McCain for supporting "leftist" causes.  She has no time for the ludicrous "audit" of ballots in Maricopa County including, presumably, her own.  Rumor has it she's considering a job in the Biden administration.  John McCain's widow -- is that bipartisan enough for you, Mitch? 

 Merrick Garland went to the House Appropriations subcommittee today to ask for more money to combat domestic terrorism, among other things.  (Republicans wanted to talk about The Border, which is not his department, because they like to pretend hungry, dusty asylum seekers are all in the pay of drug cartels or al Qaeda.)  A good place to start would be people with Chinese names who mysteriously donated thousands to the Proud Boys last year.  

Hey, Tucker, I got your nightly outrage right here!  The "woke mob" at the US Army Reserve have "cancelled" the scheduled promotion of South Dakota attorney general Jason Ravnsborg because he's a Republican!  Also that hit-and-run homicide last year, no big deal, couple of misdemeanors.  And furthermore, Chappaquiddick!

Remember yuppies?  It stood for young urban professionals, as I recall, people moving into cities and "gentrifying" areas so that working-class people and artists were forced out.  Timothy Nielsen of Chicago remembers; now 57, he may have been among the displaced.  Maybe that's why he complained to a neighbor about "yuppies on the boulevard out with their dogs" before driving his truck into a group of picnickers Saturday, injuring several.  Then again it could have been just another anti-Asian hate crime, like the woman who was attacked with a hammer in New York Sunday.  She said she's returning to Taiwan where she feels safer.  Right now she'd be safer in Delhi.

May 6 is the ninetieth birthday of Willie Mays.  I expect celebrations, people.

Sunday, May 02, 2021

Things I did not know

When I started working my way through Dante's Comedy (somebody else proclaimed it "divine"), I was unaware that this is the 700th anniversary of his death.  Or of the even more important news that Magnum is releasing a series of Dante-themed ice cream bars, each sounding slightly less unpalatable than the last.  Inferno is already on the market, described as charcoal ice cream (?) with raspberry and salted dark chocolate.  It's available only in Italy, but perhaps Ben & Jerry will join the festivities with Francesca da Rhubarb or Guelph Ripple.  Anyway, I'm enjoying the highly readable Allen Mandelbaum translation.

Tim Scott's response to Joe Biden's speech went as well as you might expect.  For the record, I did not refer to him as "Uncle Tim" -- that was Toure and the president of the NAACP, Derrick Johnson.  Nor did I describe his warm reception at Fox News as receiving "head rubs from white hosts," as Stephen Robinson did.  Not because I'm classier, but because there are some things white people should only think.  But yeah, it was pathetic.  Scott once spoke movingly of the humiliation he felt when being pulled over or stopped by Capitol police, but that was in 2016, before Trump executive-ordered all the racism away and brought peace with justice.  He couldn't help boasting to Sean Hannity about the congratulatory phone call he got from President Greater-Than-Lincoln.  It's nice to be appreciated, if only by someone who called Africa and Haiti "shithole countries" and Elizabeth Warren "Pocahontas."  I'm sure there's a good reason security guards shadow Scott while he shops -- he is pretty gangsta.

July 4 seemed like an optimistic date for America's "re-opening," but from where I sit it's wide open already.  The masked and unmasked crowded into Disneyland, Churchill Downs and Las Vegas this week as if 572,000 of their fellow citizens had not died over the last year.  Baseball always starts out with thin crowds so it's hard to tell if that's by design or through lack of interest.  Vaccination has fallen off, too.  West Virginia is offering people a hundred dollars to get the shot (not cash, a savings bond that won't mature for years).  Florida never closed at all.  It's the year of magical thinking.

Everyone who has contact with Trump beyond bringing him Coke or Super-gluing his neck hair into a pompadour winds up indicted or insane.  The latest sad specimen is former lawyer Lin Wood, who posted on Twitter some pictures he took last year as "proof" that Trump is still physically present in the White House and that "Joey" was nowhere to be found.  This must be what his former partners meant by "bizarre, messianic behavior."  

I don't smoke, but I think it's nuts to talk about banning menthol cigarettes, supposedly to discourage young people from becoming addicted to smoking.  From what I've heard that's now the result of vaping, not that I'd ban e-cigarettes either.  We're finally emerging from the long, doomed effort to prohibit Americans from using marijuana, only 87 years after alcohol prohibition flopped.  Why create a new black market, a new class of criminals, a new public health disaster?  There will always be people who harm themselves and the government can't prevent them.  Federal agents will still have plenty of work chasing down cocaine and heroin without adding Kools to their agenda.  It's like tossing bricks into the caves where the Rightzis congregate (although we all had fun with Larry Kudlow's warning about Biden outlawing "plant-based beer").

The most awful video of the week was Loveland police assaulting Karen Garner and dislocating her shoulder, then sharing the body-cam torture porn with fellow officers ("Ready for the pop?  Hear the pop?  We crushed it").  Three officers have resigned but no charges have been brought yet.  The second most awful was rioters spraying a substance into the face of Brian Sicknick on January 6.  Two men have been charged with assault on a federal officer but not with homicide; the autopsy determined that Sicknick died after a series of strokes.  Both may be less appalling than the shooting by police of Andrew Brown, Jr., in Elizabeth City, North Carolina, but we won't know until the judge allows more than twenty seconds of it to be made public.  Brown was shot in the back of the head.  I feel like I'm doing a weekly countdown like Casey Kasem with the latest hit songs and I hate it.

Bobby Paul Edwards forced a Black man with intellectual deficits named John Christopher Smith to work in his Conway, South Carolina, restaurant for five years.  The Court of Appeals has ruled that Edwards must pay Smith over $500,000 for what was essentially slavery.  The Biden administration is said to be thinking of reviving the long-simmering issue of reparations for the slavery that was finally ended by the Thirteenth Amendment.  Now they have a benchmark to use, from the state whose senators insist there is no racism in America.

Sorry, Burners, this year's Burning Man Festival has been cancelled.  It ain't over till it's over.



Friday, April 30, 2021

Friday for sure

 India's Hindu nationalist government thought it was more important to spend money on a nuclear arsenal,  a space program and a never-ending squabble over Kashmir than to beef up public health.  They may have been wrong.  There is no photographic record of fourteenth century Europe but it probably looked like New Delhi in 2021, with people dying in the streets or lying three to a hospital bed.  Only the cremation fires contrast with the mass graves of plague victims.  And Americans sulk about having  to wear masks, and demand their July Fourth fireworks.  Las Vegas is crammed with fun-seekers and some states are already wide open.  Which variant will we get this time?  What wave is it?

The narrative from the deniers keeps changing, from "the vaccine doesn't work" to "there's a microchip that will turn you gay" to "vaccines make you sick and also anybody who stands next to you."  A private school in Miami won't allow vaccinated teachers to have contact with students and of course, masks are anathema.  I hope AstraZeneca is working on a vaccine for stupidity.

Covid causes long-term effects in some people, ranging from loss of taste and smell to organ failure.  No one seems to have studied the consequences of tear gassing people who think they still have a Constitutional right to free assembly.  Nearly a thousand women in Portland, Oregon, reported menstrual irregularities after being gassed by police last summer, some serious enough to require emergency room treatment.  This would be a good place to start, with maybe a moratorium on chemical weapons, too.  (The NYPD have agreed to stop using their robotic dogs, which is something.)

With almost daily police killings of Black people and continuing attacks on Asian Americans, Native Americans were feeling overlooked.  So last week Rick Santorum decided to supplement his CNN salary with a speech to Young America Foundation, and told them the US is a pure product of white European Christians because "we birthed a nation from nothing...candidly, there isn't much Native American culture in American culture."  Now there's a little less, as vandals defaced the ancient petroglyph known as "Birthing Rock" in Moab, Utah.  (They initially wrote "WITE POWER" so draw your own conclusions.)  I'm sure it had nothing to do with Santorum's Aryan chalk talk and I assume CNN agrees, as they haven't shitcanned him yet.

What did I say about nationalist governments?  Covid is spiking in Turkey.  I hate being right.

A hundred days in, I think Joe Biden has begun to understand that Republicans will oppose anything he says, does, wears or eats, while whining about how "divisive" he is.  So he and Jill have taken on the easier task of reconciling their dogs, especially the fractious Major, with the new White House cat (unnamed as of this writing).  I've seen enough cat-dog footage on YouTube to believe this will be easier than making Republicans get along with one another:  Liz Cheney is under attack because she fist-bumped Biden at the SOTU speech.  Evidently she was supposed to spit in his face.

Yesterday the Bidens flew to Georgia for a speech and a visit with Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter.  Before they boarded the helicopter Biden picked a dandelion from the White House lawn and handed it to Dr. Jill.  Who could find fault with this simple, loving gesture?  Some asshole named Grant Stinchfield.  What a surprise -- he doesn't even know how dandelions work.

And speaking of weeds gone to seed, the FBI raided Giuliani's apartment and office.  I know, witch hunt, unfair, I'm tired of that song.  His son was appalled that a former mayor and presidential lawyer could be treated like a common mobster just for acting like a common mobster.  "They could do this to you!" he added, as it slowly dawned on him that the law applies to everybody.  So it was very entertaining, and we still have Statutory Gaetz to look forward to.  

M'aidez!  Mayday.  Either one works. 

Wednesday, April 28, 2021

R U Pumped?

For days the cable newsies have been promoting Joe Biden's first State of the Union as if it were the Superbowl, and for them I suppose it is.  It won't start for another forty-five minutes at least, but the disloyal opposition have already released their response, Senator Tim Scott being the designated ventriloquist doll.  Blah blah Trump is responsible for all the good stuff blah blah...say, I wonder if he'd like to play golf with The Great Man?  Lindsey Graham was on the Fox hustling for bucks again, this time promising, "You have lunch, you have breakfast with President [sic] Trump, you get a photo, you play at his golf course in Florida.  It's going to be a lot of fun," he added desperately.  Will Mar a Loser admit Scott?  Will Trump assume he's the new waiter?  Will he call him "Tom" again?  Find out.

The Speaker and the Vice President are standing on the podium defiantly being women.  No one can color-coordinate a face mask like Pelosi.  The members are filing in, no bullshit about sidearms tonight.  Socially distanced seating, masks obligatory.  Same for the Supremes.  According to tradition and that episode of The West Wing, one member of the Cabinet remains in the White House ready to assume the presidency if there's a more successful coup this time.  I hope it's Deb Haaland.

Should I unmute and listen to Brian and Joy and Rachel?  Why is Steve Kornacki pointing at numbers?  Put your jacket on, you look like Gym Jordan.

Rather listen to the crowd noises on C-SPAN.  Rhubarbrhubarbrhubarb...I see Biden's using a Teleprompter.  Because of the dementia.  Four years of ad lib lunacy.  We're back, baby!

"Second gentleman" is a jarringly awkward designation for the Vice President's husband.  How about plain Mr. Emhoff?  

Achievements.  Vaccines distributed.  Relief bill passed.  Additional ACA signups.

Jobs, jobs, jobs.  It reminds me of a Warner Brothers musical about the Depression.  Remember my forgotten man.  You put a rifle in his hand.  I wonder if he'll mention the Afghanistan pull-out.  

Mitt Romney claps.  "John Kennedy" drops his mask.  Defiance.  Impressive. 

A pitch for unions.  Maybe it is a Warner Brothers musical.  If there were people in the gallery they could form Joe's face by holding up cards, followed by the NRA eagle.  (That's National Recovery Act, not the murder lobby.)

Last year at this time an immigrant from Slovenia with dicey documents was hanging a medal on a hate monger.  Change.

"Let's end cancer as we know it.  It's within our power."  Didn't Nixon talk this one up, just before he was distracted by being caught doing criminal acts?

"Win the twenty-first century" is a big, windy slogan but what does it mean?  Win it from who?  Lots of mentions of China.

Four years of college, guaranteed pre-school, where am I, Germany?

Lower prescription drug costs?  I was told Biden would ban meat!  

Oh, I hope he works in the FBI raid on casa Giuliani!  He won't but I can dream.

I still don't hear anything about a national health service (or even "single payer").  With that we wouldn't need to worry about the ACA or drug prices or all the bankruptcies caused by medical bills.  

"Trickle-down economics has never worked."  Also, the sea tastes salty.  Obvious, but after four years of hallucinatory flatulence, isn't it good to hear simple facts?  From a man in a suit that fits?  

A pitch for the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act.

And the transgendered:  "Your president has your back."  I'm dizzy.

"White supremacy is terrorism."  I need to go lie down.

Ah, the right to vote.  The key to all the rest.  As the "audit" continues in Arizona.  Not content with rigging 2022, they want to keep undermining 2020.

Did he really finish with "Thank you for your patience"?  Clinton routinely went longer and said less, and as for Trumbert Trumbert...Give 'em hell, Joe!

He's chatting with Bernie Sanders, who is probably kvetching that something was left out.  I can't imagine what.  Politics, somebody said, is the art of the possible, but if you don't demand everything you won't get anything.  

(If Tim Scott wants to go home early, they can put on a record:  We don't want no education, We don't want no thought control...)

Good night and good luck.