Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Pretty slick

"Suspending the campaign" because bailing out incompetently run brokerage houses and insurance companies is just too important to be left to people who actually know something about the financial system. And canceling the debate because his handlers met at four in the morning and concluded there's no way John McCain could credibly debate a B-average high school sophomore, much less Barack Obama. After all, some questions can't be answered, "For five years, I didn't even have a black and white television." But weren't two more debates scheduled? The Ministry of Fatherland Security can finesse one of them by declaring a Super Purple Alert, but what about the third? Fire, flood, false alarm about the Rapture? Is this a campaign or a Preston Sturges movie? When does Biden debate Betty Hutton...I mean Sarah Palin?

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Blogger Jackie said...

I heard someone tell me this morning at the coffee shop say that they had stumbled on some am talk radio in the morning and even the committed faithful were saying that this was kind of a bogus move on McCain's part... I am just trying to figure out how big a dumb ass doozy he or SheWoman have to do to blow it all...

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