Friday, September 22, 2023

Strange things are happening


Senator Robert Menendez (D-NJ) was indicted again, together with his wife Nadine and others, in a corruption scandal involving cash, a nice car, a "job" for Nadine and gold bars.  That's old school.  Clarence Thomas has to attend Koch events and even make speeches for swag like that.  Menendez faced similar charges in 2017 but was acquitted.  If there is a Hunter Biden connection, or even if there isn't, we'll hear about it in good time.

As it does for all men, death did not come for Rupert Murdoch, but you'd be forgiven for thinking it had.  The Lizard of Oz has received so much praise for growing rich by undermining democratic institutions and employing shitstains like Hannity, O'Reilly and Carlson, the MSM seems to think we should weep at the end of an era.  

By astonishing coincidence Michael Wolff has a gossipy book out next week called The Fall:  The End of Fox News and the Murdoch Dynasty, which seems overly optimistic.  (Lachlan lives and reigns;   Gutfeld! is master of the revels still.)  Suspicious, I checked to see if Henry Holt & Company is a Murdoch satellite, and it seems to be part of a German conglomerate called Holtzbrinck.  Sometimes synchronism is just synchronism.  Anyway, it contains this quote from Tucker Carlson:  "I am not antisemitic and I am not anti-Black; that's a complete misunderstanding of what I am.  I am anti-Catholic."  He hid it so well all these years.  Along with Freemason panic, anti-popery is the bedrock of American hates, dating to the early 19th century.  Maybe he's just anti-modernity, which would give him common ground with patrician papist William Buckley.  If you go back far enough, there's a place we can all hold hands and sing -- 


No!  I am not touching that hand, or the one he appears to have slipped a ring onto.  I won't.

(Say...could that be why Tuckoo hates Biden even more than he hated Obama?)

There's still no budget or even a continuing resolution, and the Kongressional Klown Kaucus have been sent home for the weekend because Kevin McCarthy is very bad at his job, which he may not have much longer.  A "motion to vacate" was left in the men's room (what better place?) and speculation about a successor continues to spread.  (Is that mold on the skirting board?) 

Speaker Gaetz?  Speaker Jordan?  Second-termer Margie Greene is setting her sights a little higher.  She thinks she is already president and has drafted a "Declaration of War against the Mexican cartels."  That's nice, dear, why don't you relax and get your boyfriend to take you out?  Maybe a musical.

Meanwhile the real President just keeps working away.  Today he announced the creation of the White House Office of Gun Violence Prevention, to be overseen by the Vice-President.  Yesterday they launched the American Climate Corps, an updated version of 1933's Civilian Conservation Corps with an emphasis on climate change.  (Keep comparing him to FDR, idiots, and see what you get next.  How about a New Federal Theater Project?)  The White House has instructed federal agencies to brace for a shutdown if the weaklings in the House obey Trump's yelps for the government to go dark.  (Law enforcement would go on, including his prosecutions.  Someone should tell him.)  Biden addressed the UN this week and nobody laughed, another nice change since Trump.  But he's so old...

And in "Heidi and I" news, Ted Cruz has opinions.  "Heidi and I are incredibly heated over Joe Biden's rising gas prices."  (Hey, get a room.)  "In August of 2024 the Democrat kingmakers jettison Joe Biden and parachute in Michelle Obama.  I view this as a very serious danger."  Mrs. Obama would agree -- she didn't even want her husband to run for president.  Or did you mean a danger to Trump?  Or to America, which would never survive having two Black women at the head of the executive branch?  Especially if the Speaker of the House is --- Hakeem Jeffries!

Oh, the humanity.  Heidi and you should emigrate now.




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