Thursday, September 21, 2023

Nasty women and others

 People have been all over Kristen Welker's inability to act as anything but Trump's stenographer during the outrageous "interview" that inaugurated her Meet the Press tenure (more like Press His Meat, am I right?), but maybe she was under orders to get something on video that could fill up an hour without him ripping off the mic and waddling away.  Don't forget what she was up against.

Megyn Kelly sat down with the twice-impeached loser on Sirius XM and brought up his possession of the Bathroom Papers.  Or as he interpreted it, "Boy, she became nastier all of a sudden.  She was pretty nasty, didn't you think, anyone that watched it."  And Kelly is white, emphatically so, even with "blood coming out of her wherever."  She thinks she asked "tough questions."  

As if freed from an evil spell by the retirement of Rupert Murdoch, the Wall Street Journal demands to know why Trump is "afraid" to debate the other losers.  "Is he worried he'd look his age at 77 next to younger candidates?"  Before you throw your hat in the air, recall that the WSJ thinks almost anyone has a better chance of defeating Joe Biden than the strawberry blond.  They went on to mock his murky anti-choice policy as well as his physical fitness ("[not] exactly in shape to set records at the YMCA senior triathlon"), which must have stung as Deranged Jack Smith is a triathlon competitor and not in the senior division.  "What is he afraid of?"

Even Charles Koch is desperately seeking a Trump alternative for 2024, for which he received the customary abuse on Ministry of Truth Social:  "Very stupid, awkward, and highly overrated Globalist Charles Koch of the Koch Network doesn't have a clue."  Maybe not, but he has eleventy-billion dollars and doesn't owe a dime to a Chinese bank.  Globalist?  Funny, he doesn't look Globalist.

According to Rolling Stone, what "your favorite president (me)" fears is the clink.  Trump is asking his lawyers if he'd be sent to a comfortable Club Fed establishment and whether he'd be forced to wear a jumpsuit that might clash with his orange skin.  One of his remaining lawyers, Alina Habba, says he's so confident that he isn't even preparing for the trial(s) because "You don't have to prep much when you've done nothing wrong."  Or when you're monstrously lazy and have the attention span of a sand gnat.

Ever hear of Victoria Spartz?  Nor I, but she represents some subsection of Indianaians in Congress and yesterday was her day to grab the spotlight.  She really stuck it to Merrick Garland by demanding to know why he didn't do a better job of policing the January 6th coup at which "families with strollers" were inconvenienced by smoke bombs.  Garland, a judge on the DC Court of Appeals at the time, was unaware that he was supposed to.  (It's an article of faith among Congressional insurrectionists that the coup was a peaceful tourist event that went south because Democrats prevented the National Guard from providing security, but they usually blame Nancy Pelosi.)  Also, he sent the FBI to her district to harass people in their homes.  Garland must have destroyed all the video of families with toddlers  because I've never seen any.  Perhaps only Spartz saw them.  Have you seen Tim Scott's girlfriend, by any chance?  Is she here now, Victoria?

Despite the best efforts of Tommy Tuberville and Vladdy Putin, the Senate confirmed Air Force General Charles Q. Brown, Jr., to be Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.  Chuck Schumer should cancel all recesses until the rest of the list has been worked through.  And no sneaking out to the cloakroom to watch football.  If General Brown's video statement on the murder of George Floyd is anything to go by, he's just as woke as Mark Milley.  Suck on it, racists.



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