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Even if he meant to type "MOBSTERS" (see election/electron) this is a symptom of mental breakdown.  The only questions is whether it came before or after My Dinner with Yeezy and his sidekicks.  I would think a few hours of antisemitic fluffing would lift his mood.  But when he looks under the big golden bed he doesn't share with Melania, this is the monster he sees:

The twice-impeached loser is already on the offensive.  Did you know that Smith is married to Katy Chevigny, a card-carrying Democrat who produced the documentary Becoming based on Michelle Obama's book?  This makes her husband "a hard-line Radical Left Special Counsel (prosecutor), an acolyte of Eric Holder and Barack Hussein Obama."  Chevigny even gave money to the Biden campaign ($2,000).  Maybe Smith should recuse himself from the marriage just as Clarence Thomas -- no, never mind.  (BTW, we all known Obama's middle name, no need to keep typing it out, Liz.  I know it was your work because Trump doesn't know what "acolyte" means.)

The Germans had Drumpf's number early and tried to warn us.  But credit where it's due -- he may be the only politician in America who could wear his Herzl medallion to dine with Nazis.  He appeals to the morally bankrupt right across the spectrum.  Maybe we should listen to people who were forced to confront the truth about their history.  In Germany no serious person objects to the teaching of Critical Nazi Theory.  They insist on it.

In our multicultural country you can be Hispanic or African American and still be a Nazi.  It's not the Aryan race theory that counts, it's the antisemitism, and there was plenty when Kanye West brought along his pal Nick Fuentes to dinner at Mar a Lago.  The laird claimed he'd never heard of Fuentes but was glad to know him ("I really like this guy.  He gets me").  We can assume Fuentes laid on the flattery with a manure spreader.  West he called "a seriously troubled man who just happens to be Black" (well, nobody's perfect).

The saddest demurral came from Trump's ambassador to Israel, David Friedman:   "A social visit from an antisemite like Kanye West and human scum like Nick Fuentes is unacceptable.  I urge you to throw these bums out..."  But they get him, Mr. Ambassador!  And they said the chocolate cake was the best in the history of the world!  Friedman even assured Trump of his bona fides by tying Barack Obama to Jeremiah Wright and Louis Farrakhan.  No use.  And Friedman was a lot more upset than most Republican officials.  (Rep. Don Bacon (R-NE) was "appalled," but then he chairs the "Torah Caucus of the US Congress."  I assume they want to erect concrete versions of the Ten Commandments in all courthouses, but in Hebrew.  Maybe check the First Amendment before pouring, Don.)

Katie Hobbs was elected governor of Arizona by about 17,000 votes, so Trump is demanding that Kari Lake be declared the winner.  She gets him!  To be fair, he used the term "installed," which is what happens after a coup.  He repeated the same tired business about broken machines and long lines.  Meanwhile in Georgia, people are having to vote again for Senator Warnock and they're not complaining, although they already elected him once.  The lines are long, the wait time two hours or more in some places, and the Democratic Party had to sue to get ridiculously restrictive voting reversed (no Saturday voting if the previous week had a holiday, unless it's Bobby Lee's birthday, except in a leap year or some such).  Kids are voting, old people are voting, and all it took was the prospect of six years with a zombie for a Senator.  Lake visited Mar a Lago two weeks ago but she wasn't invited to the Nazi wingding, which was just for menfolk.

Party philosopher Margie Greene, who is credited with the Theory of Corporate Communism, says she needs $700,000 to pay her lawyers.  These were expenses she accrued by suing Twitter and then defending a suit by people who tried to use the "no sedition" clause of the Fourteenth Amendment to throw her off the ballot.  Or as she incessantly whines, "Free speech is dead."  To revive a term from last year, she's been cancelled.  CANCELLED!  So everybody listen and give her money, 'kay?  Oh, and for those who say they barely speak, Margie assures us that both Melania and Donald are "just sick" about the poor January 6 rioters languishing in jail.  He will pardon them all the minute he takes power resumes his interrupted regime.  On day one, isn't that the expression?

China is roiled by anti-lockdown demonstrations on a scale not seen since the Cultural Revolution of the 1960s, only instead of being unleashed by Chairman Mao, they're calling for democracy.  But the authorities have not lost their impish sense of humor.  Ed Lawrence of the BBC was arrested, kicked and beaten by police while covering street disturbances in Shanghai.  First they claimed he had not shown his press credentials, then they said they were trying to protect him from covid.  Most amusing!

At eighty-one, Bob Dylan keeps coming up with ways to surprise us.  When people who had paid extra for signed copies of his book The Philosophy of Modern Song complained about machine-made signatures, Dylan explained that he has vertigo.  This is an unpleasant condition but the folks at WebMD do not list "inability to sign one's name" as a symptom.  According to Dylan he required a crew of people to help him sign things and then covid intervened and, well, there were deadlines.  Anyway, he's working to rectify the problem, which involves the difference between $45 and $600, not to mention certificates of authenticity.  Then there's the question of his artwork...look, a lot of people are pissed off and it's not as if Dylan needs the money.



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