Wednesday, November 16, 2022

Great and glorious again

 Liz Harrington is real.  I assumed she was another Trump invention like "John Barron," who used to call newspapers and tell them of his exploits, but here she is...

...reporting from "Mar-a-Largo" for Real America's Voice.  And she's pissed.

"They [unspecified] don't want the American people to hear directly from the biggest leader of the greatest political movement in our history.  So I do suspect they'll try to censor and cut away...We do not have the First Amendment.  It's under attack."

The Rightzis have a unique interpretation of the First Amendment which, just to recap, says Congress can't censor the press.  It doesn't say the press can't make editorial decisions which displease some people.  For example, the New York Post covered the big reveal on page 26, with a front-page direct "Florida Man Makes Announcement."  They needed Page One for a gang shooting.  Fox News (it started at nine so Hannity drew the duty) did indeed cut away, replacing Trump's burbling with fulsome praise from commentators while he was still burbling. Was that censorship or pity?  The papers Trump despises covered it, managing to work the dual impeachments, the attempted coup or both into their ledes.  The Guardian covered it extensively but he won't like any of the articles.  (Did he really mock Angela Merkel's accent?)  Even the Daily Mail, his kind of paper, led with "The great Trump defection:  Security BLOCKS crowd from leaving Mar-a-Lago ballroom."

Hitler worked on his oratory by hiring an actor to coach him.  Fortunately Trump already thinks he's the greatest speaker in the history of the world.

Ignoring its sexual subtext the Trump campaign is using "Hold On, I'm Coming" as he waddles onstage, and the estate of Isaac Hayes is threatening legal action.  Get in line.  Years ago campaigns commissioned their own songs (who could forget "Row Row Row With Roosevelt" by Joe Glazer and Howard DaSilva?).  With fans like Kid Rock and Kanye, Trump shouldn't need to steal from dead people.

Over at the Washington Post Glenn Kessler oiled up his fact-checker and took it for a spin last night.  He only came up with nineteen howlers but maybe his internet went down.  

Still talking about "Barack Hussein Obama" and still seems to think emails and classified documents are somehow equivalent.  Still doesn't know how tariffs work.  Not surprising people tried to tunnel their way out.  But it undermined the launch of Mike Pence's book called -- wait for it -- So Help Me God.  It sounds like an Elmore Leonard novel. 


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