Friday, August 05, 2022

Fractious Friday

 It's just possible that Alex Jones's current batch of lawyers are not as incompetent as we've been saying all week, but responsible citizens trying to edge around attorney-client privilege in service of a higher cause.  According to NBC News the lawyers for the Sandy Hook parents discovered child pornography among the documents they were sent "accidentally."  They naturally alerted the FBI.  One of Jones's lawyers is already blustering that their client doesn't know how it got there, he never looks at such things, the very idea, etc.  He hasn't yet blamed the Rothschilds but give it a couple of days.  All I want now is for Roger Stone be the secret sharer.  Would Trump be too much to ask?  Amen.   (Jones is asking his Infowhores audience for prayers when not raging at his lawyers.)

Well, no wonder we have inflation:  the US economy added 528,000 jobs in July and unemployment dropped to a pre-covid 3.5 percent.  More people working, more money to spend...I can't wait to hear why this is tragic news for Joe Biden and the Democrats.  Layoffs at Walmart, that must be it.

Amy Weirich was a terrible DA in Shelby County, Tennessee, for many reasons, but the one she thought would win her another term was prosecuting Pamela Moses for registering to vote despite a felony conviction.   Moses's conviction and six-year prison sentence were overturned because of prosecutorial screwing-up, a Weirich specialty, and now Weirich will be replaced by Steve Mulroy, a Democrat.  And maybe Tennessee will make its law for restoring voting rights a little less confusing.

Six years for voting in Tennessee, three years for threatening a government official in Maryland.  Thomas Connally assured Anthony Fauci that he and his family would be "dragged into the street, beaten to death, and set on fire" because he disagreed with the doctor's handling of the pandemic.  These Trumpers lead rich inner lives which they helpfully document in email.

Tucker Carlson really has Jon Stewart's number, boy, does he.  Stewart is "very short.  Really short, too short to date."  (Sorry, Tucky, he's married.)  Stewart couldn't resist:  "I remain tall enough to not know what Viktor Orban's ass tastes like!  Is it goulash, Tucky?  Seems like it would be goulash."  Tucky, you have to stop matching wits with real comedians.  Or humans generally.

Ol' Goulash Ass was the hit of Dallas CPAC (isn't CPAC a device for people with sleep apnea?).  I would have thought there was enough fascist sickness in Texas ("Howdy Arabia") without importing it from central Europe, but that's where most of Trump's wives were grown.  "Less drag queens and more Chuck Norris!" he told the throng, so expect that on a MAGA shirt as soon as the Chinese factory can re-tool.  (Norris hasn't made a movie in ten years, if you care.)  No race-mixing, no LGBTQ, no immigration, but "A Christian politician cannot be racist."  What about guns?  Do all Hungarians have guns?  If not, GTF out of Texas, NINO (that's Nazi In Name Only, I just made it up).

Don't look now but Joe Biden is headed for another win this week as the Inflation Reduction Act comes to a Senate vote.  That's because Kyrsten Sinema suddenly remembered the (D) after her name and agreed to support it, with a few little changes (more money for drought reduction -- Arizona, after all -- and a giant tax break for the rich).  It also expands healthcare coverage, reduces prescription drug prices and cuts carbon emissions 44 percent by 2030.  Good, right?  If you think Tucky hates "Carmela Harris" now, wait till she casts that tie-breaking vote.

This is Mimi Israelah, all suited up for battle.  Last month she was stopped by traffic cops in Anchorage and couldn't find her driver's license -- and no, she was not drunk -- so she showed them her White Privilege card and they let her go.  She couldn't keep from bragging about it on Facebook:  "He laughed and called his partner.  It's their first time to see a White Privileged [sic] card."  And for that gallant gesture to Israelah, who identifies as Filipina, two fine officers face disciplinary action.  Alaska will probably send Sarah Palin to Congress, which is why they are only allowed one representative.

The Archbishop of Canterbury made a speech in Lambeth where he affirmed a 1998 condemnation of gay sex and Sandi Toksvig had to set him straight.  Why she is not the prime minster of the UK and Denmark both is a complete mystery to me.

Two people died yesterday after being struck by lightning in Lafayette Park near the White House.  Thanks, Biden.

The Jamestown, Michigan, public library refused to ban books on LGBTQ themes and will soon have to close for lack of funding.  (If there isn't a GoFundMe there should be.)  Librarians are the thin black and white line between civilization and barbarism.

This just in:  There is!  Fund Patmos Library for 2023.  They need $245,000.




Blogger Racer X said...

I actually agree with: "A Christian politician cannot be racist."
None of those people are Christian, they can call themselves whatever they like - it doesn't change the fact that they do not follow Christ's teachings.

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