Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Hitman, or Thanks, Rachel

I appreciate critics who sit though awful movies so I won't have to.  Last night, Rachel Maddow explained how Trump came up with the captive-women fantasy he repeats at every opportunity.  There's a movie called Sicario (Hitman) which has it all:  human traffickers, duct tape, supercars the Border Patrol can't catch, Islamic prayer rugs, the whole cockamamie thing.  Apparently he clicked away from Fox News when one of its less sycophantic stars was on, landed on this movie and thought it was a documentary.

That answers one disturbing question but raises another:  Has Trump seen Machete?

Or the Saw series?  ("MS-13, horrible dudes, make people cut their own legs off...")

I guess we'll find out.    


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