Friday, January 25, 2019

Harmonic convergence

"Trump did get his wall, and her name is Nancy Pelosi."  El Jefe at Juanita Jean's, The World's Most Dangerous Beauty Salon.

Friday timeline:

Roger Stone arrested, escorted to court in Palm Beach to be arraigned for witness intimidation, six other charges.

FAA shuts down LaGuardia Airport due to shortage of air traffic controllers, causing disruptions at other US and Canadian airports.

Trump makes reporters wait in Rose Garden (in January, when there's a perfectly good press room going unused), then delivers long, rambling statement accepting deal to re-open government.  For three weeks.  With no money for WALL.

I've been waiting all day for the promised announcement, going back and forth from MSNBC to A Face In the Crowd, about a much more attractive, power-hungry populist.  (If Trump had a few baton twirlers like Lee Remickā€¦)  Anyway, it seems we can all take a deep breath, especially the involuntary volunteers who have been keeping the lights on for a month and then heading to food banks and their new careers as Uber drivers to survive.  We applaud you, and we apologize for making you listen to the likes of Lara (Mrs. Eric) Trump and Wilbur (Secretary Clueless) Ross struggling with unfamiliar concepts like "mortgage payment," "utility bill" and "hunger."

In victory, magnanimity.  The Speaker and The Leader (who's your daddy, Mitch?) have graciously acknowledged their first big win and expressed a hope that Trump has "learned his lesson."  If so, it's the first thing he's learned since "don't rent to the coloreds" (Fred Trump, c. 1954).  Anyway, Donzo can head for the golf course while his friends safely land their private jets in Atlanta for the big game between New England and whoever provides the token opposition this year.

Happy weekend!


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