Thursday, December 27, 2018

No thanks for the memories

Bob Hope is dead so Trump had to entertain the troops in Iraq yesterday.  He has to do everything.

Like Hope, he brought along a busty starlet for the boys to ogle.   All right, she's pushing fifty, but she dresses like an actress who had to be nice to a lot of producers to get a small role in Faster and More Furiously.  Like Hope, he recited some jokes well past their sell-by date, about Democrats and pay raises for the troops and how brave he was to fly in a plane with no lights.  He didn't mention the vertiginous stock market, the government shut-down, the impending torrent of subpoenas from the new House, or the way children keep dying to make Kirstjen Nielsen look bad.  He did mention, by name and with pictures, SEAL Team Five; Hope would never have been that stupid.  Hope actually cared about the troops.  He didn't use them to fluff his drooping ego, and he would have taken a bullet before he put them in danger.

When Trump does something every president has done without fuss or complaint, like attend a funeral or read a speech off a TelePrompter, the media praises him like a two-year-old who went potty all by herself.  So he must have been disappointed at the muted response.  Even on Fox they weren't happy with his telling the troops, "We're no longer suckers."  No longer?  Well, Cadet Bonespurs considers a sucker to be anyone who volunteers to serve in a dangerous place for minimal pay, or even submits to a draft.  No surprise there.  The troops were also a little confused when Trump assured them that ISIS is finished, and that Turkey will destroy it.  I'm a little confused, too.  What exactly will the Turkish army be doing to a force that no longer exists?  Oh, that's right, annihilating our Kurdish allies.  Erdogan says they're terrorists and his word is good enough for Donnie.

By the way, Bob Hope was an immigrant.




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