Sunday, December 09, 2018

Double standard, meet Both-siderism

Remember Zoe Baird?  She was Bill Clinton's first choice for attorney general way back in 1993.  Her nomination was withdrawn because of a cataclysmic scandal the media tagged with the lazy term "Nannygate."  It  seems she and her husband had employed two undocumented Peruvians as nanny and chauffeur, and failed to pay Social Security and income tax for them.  A nation was shocked, shocked, and the ground was prepared for the Whitewater Follies and eventual impeachment.

It seems that Both Sides Do Indeed Do It.  Four women have now come forward, risking deportation, to say they were employed as housekeepers at the Trump Intergalactic Golf and Sedition Center or whatever it's called, in Bedminster, New Jersey.  One of them gave details of being alternately tipped by Cadet Bonespurs and excoriated for failing to get the orange makeup out of a white golf shirt.  Really.  I couldn't make that up.  Yes, the management knew they had no papers and told them to acquire phony ones.  Their names and countries of origin are known to the media, and now presumably to the ICEstapo.

I can picture a weary Robert Mueller saying, "Holey socks, I'm not starting another charge sheet at this point.  I'd like to wind this thing up before my grandkids finish college."  But it would be worthwhile to point out that 1. Clinton didn't break the law, and 2. Clinton didn't spend every day raging at poor people who come here to work and have a better life, not to mention 3. Clinton didn't put their children in cages.  I'll bet that with a little digging, the Liberal Media could find any number of undocumented busboys, caddies, gardeners, porters and dishwashers at any number of Trump properties,  rather than waiting for them to get fed up with the racist attacks and come forward.  It would look like they were doing their job.  


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