Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Full disclosure

I have a personal stake in the health of Fidel Castro. I live around the corner from the Cuban Mission to the United Nations in beautiful Murray Hill, and for as long as I can remember every pedestrian has been forced to walk in the street around this building. The sidewalk is closed (and the NYPD is on constant duty in a sentry post) because of threats from gusano terrorists -- I mean freedom-fighters -- oh, hell, you know, the kind of people who while away their time by making bomb threats. The people who spontaneously partied in the streets of Miami when they heard Castro was seriously ill. Clearly, they can't wait to get home and restore Havana to its "Godfather Part 2" glory, and I second that emotion. Does anybody need to borrow a suitcase?

It's a small thing, but I look forward to being able to stroll the sidewalks of New York again like a person. I'm not the criminal here.


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