Thursday, April 09, 2015

Putting your money where your hate is

The alleged murder of Walter Scott, allegedly at the hands of Michael Slager, former police officer of North Charleston, South Carolina, could not have come at a worse time.  Memories Pizza, whose owner vowed to withhold pepperoni from Those People, was rewarded with nearly a million dollars in contributions from other homophobes.  A huge "defense fund" was raised for Darrin Wilson, killer of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, which turned out to be unnecessary, though apparently non-refundable.  Ted Cruz and Rand Paul are raking in millions from those who want to rescue America from the results of the last two presidential elections, when all those people voted wrong.  The needlepoint kits the godly ordered from Hobby Lobby are gathering dust, and the income tax is due in a week.  Let's face it, the folks on Rance Primbus's mailing list are tapped out.  They'll have to dig through the sofa cushions to come up with the price of Bellow Reilly's Killing Rommel and still be able to send Rev. Pat their love offerings.

Culture war is hell.



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