Saturday, September 11, 2021

Class and crass

 Saying "Virginia is done with lost causes," Governor Northam's spokesman called off the search for the  time capsule -- "this moldy Confederate box" -- supposedly buried beneath the Lee statue.  Whatever was in there -- an advertisement for a livery stable, the missing pages from John Wilkes Booth's diary -- is gone forever. 

Trump decided to mark September 11th with whatever generic-brand social media he still has, calling it "a sad day" and attacking Biden for the withdrawal from Afghanistan.  (We were so close to Total Victory!)  He also extended congratulations to "Rudy Giuliani (for the 20th time!)" for the "leadership" he showed after his emergency command center was demolished along with the rest of the World Trade Center.  (Sorry, Rudolph, no money for you.)  Then he went off to get a manicure and a hair sculpting before the big fiasco fight.

Not to be outdone in filth, Rudolph tweeted::  "It's a sin to politicize the 9/11 ceremony.  I don't recognize any of the people up front being here that day saving lives."  Translation:  "To politicize" means "When a Democrat says anything about anything."  The rest is an expression of deep love for the firefighters who escaped from the towers despite his cheap-ass radios.  Joe Biden has made 9/11 "excruciating" for poor Rudolph instead of a joyous celebration of the one day he wasn't too shitfaced to do his job, more or less.  (George Bush -- you remember, guy with megaphone -- made a speech in Shanksville condemning "violent extremists at home."  Not politicizing the day, see above.)

Paulie Veneto, a 62-year-old retired flight attendant, pushed a drinks trolley from Boston to New York in honor of "brothers and sisters" who died that day.  It took him two weeks.

Flight attendants are under daily assault for doing their jobs, but when Biden suggested Americans stop behaving like airborne cage fighters Jeanine Pirro lost her mind:  "Maybe some of the flight attendants ought to show some respect to us, OK?" she screeched.   Seatbelts, face masks, what's next, getting your seat number tattooed on your arm?  Tyranny!

Nickelback thought it would be clever to remind AP Planner that today is also the twentieth anniversary of their "Silver Side Up" album.  It wasn't.

You get a Trump! and you get a Trump!  If you pony up nearly fifty dollars to watch the "fight" on Pay-Per-View you will hear, at no further cost, Donnie Jr. discussing aliens with Daddy Sir, just like real boxing commentators.  Junior solicited recommendations from his many Twitter followers for other topics they might cover, as they don't know each other well.  It was pretty funny.  Remember, Junior, if Daddy tells you to get him Coke he means the drink, not the powder.

Back in 1934 Mayor Fiorello LaGuardia pushed through a ban on street performances of music known as busking or minstrelsy.  He said it was for purposes of noise abatement; critics said that as an Italian-American he was offended by organ grinders and their monkeys.  New York continues to make life hard on public performers.  Kanami Kusajima is a dancer whose image was used on the city's "No Stopping New York" poster, but she is regularly hassled by the police for dancing in public.  Apparently the city's warm and fuzzy come-together era is officially over.

In 2001, nobody complained about tyranny.  They put on the mask.





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