Wednesday, June 19, 2019


...and here's how it was celebrated.

Joe Biden, who presumably wants African Americans besides Diamond and Silk to vote for him, praised the "civility" of James Eastland and Herman Talmadge.  Did you know Eastland never called him "boy"?  Or lynched any member of his family?  What a guy.   By the way, he's not getting the Diamond and Silk vote anyway, even though he went on to stick up for beleaguered people who "make money," by which he meant a shit-ton of money.  Tomorrow, Joe will explain why we should bomb Iran.

Trump held a hatenanny in Orlando, attacking one of the seven Democrats who is definitely not running against him.  That's right, Hillary.  In other news --

Gloria Vanderbilt died so Hillary could eat her liver with fava beans and a nice chianti, or possibly because she was 95.  The sociopaths of the social media have many alternate theories.  Help yourself.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez drew the hamster-like wrath of Chuck Todd for referring to the concentration camps at the Mexican border as concentration camps.  That is, places to imprison people whose only crime is their ethnicity.  Britain is often credited with inventing the concept during the South African war, but the United States had already created the "Indian reservation" and would revive it for Japanese "internment" during World War II.  The Trump regime has added the refinement of family separation, copying Germany in the 1933-45 period.  Any questions, Chuck?

Dearest Leader was unpleased with polling that shows him less popular than a strangulating hernia, so he you're-fired the pollster.  If that doesn't help, he is ready to fire the people who responded to the poll.  Fake hoax!  At least Israel appreciates him:  an illegal settlement in the Golan Heights has been named for him.  Nothing named for Obama!  Ha!  Also the queen enjoyed his visit more than anything in twenty-five years, many people have said.  This is true.  After the Trumps left, HM was heard to say something about a "fool," presumably like the court entertainers employed by her predecessors.

Hey Donnie nonnie.


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