Friday, March 06, 2015

Don't curb your enthusiasm

A remarkable week in our nation's capital, where Acting President John Boehner hosted Prime Minister Netanyahu at the headquarters of the shadow Executive Branch.   And there was much rejoicing, but lo, not all were pleased.  Jennifer Rubin, who apparently works for The Washington Post, took to the Twitter to observe:  "Unenthused Rand Paul Lifelessly Applauds Bibi.  almost like he has been faking his support for Israel until now."  NB 1. Correct capitalization is not a requisite for working at the Post, and 2. Bibi-love equals support for Israel.  (Polling in advance of Israeli elections suggests that roughly half of Israelis don't support Israel either, which would appear to Make No Sense, Jennifer.)

Rand Paul responded by protesting that "I gave the prime minister 50 standing ovations."  (But did you achieve full orgasm, Senator?)   Which naturally got me thinking of the dear, dear days of the Politburo, whose members were expected to applaud Comrade Stalin until their hands bled.  The first to stop clapping was often shot, which probably made it easier.  That's a level of "support" our own totalitarians are still aiming at, no pun intended. 

I think it's disgraceful that members of Congress can't fire their weapons in the air to show solidarity with our heroic allies.  Bad timing, I call it.  The Congressional Open-Carry Bill is tied up in committee, stuck behind a measure which will abolish the laws of gravity on the basis that they were formulated in a foreign country (England) by somebody called Newton, and therefore have no application to our Exceptional Homeland.  Pastor Ham the Dinosaur Man is pushing to have them replaced with "Intelligent Falling."  (And since this blog gives credit where it's due whenever we remember to, Roy Blount, Jr., coined that phrase.)



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