Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Death Lives!

One thing about psycho killers -- they love to write. The Unabomber, David Berkowitz, Zodiac. the light verse of Bonnie Parker, all the way back to Jack the Ripper, their egos require them to explain, to posture, to share their Deepest Thoughts. They use violence to grab our attention and then bend our ears like an annoying passenger on a long flight. And a good thing, too. Theodore Kaczynski's "manifestos" are the reason he's in Supermax today. His brother read one and said, "That sounds like Ted." The FBI couldn't find him for ten years, and his own prose style betrayed him. Today, of course, he would have a blog like this one.

Hard as it is to believe, not all unbalanced people have seats in Congress or jobs with Fox News. Most of them only have the internet. This, too, is good, because it gives us a fighting chance to track down the James von Brunns before they lock and load. OK, we dropped the ball on him, but what about the latest entrant into the He-Man Woman-Haters Club, George Sodini? Here he is on January 6, seven months ago: "It is 8:45 PM. I chickened out! I brought the loaded guns, everything. Hell!" George didn't get along with his mother and couldn't get a date, so he felt completely justified in carrying his four handguns into a Bridgeville, Pennsylvania, health club and opening fire on a women's aerobics class, killing three. Hundreds of law enforcement officers spend their days trolling the 'net for child pornography and terrorist chatter -- is anybody reading the homicidal maniac blogs? Well, could they spare someone? Sodini was thoughtful enough to post some anti-Obama ravings, too, but maybe there are just too many of those to monitor. Let's stick with the loaded guns and the final, horrific entry: "Death Lives!"

It's August and you may be on vacation in some picturesque spot, so I'll summarize the coming "debate":

1. All his guns were registered. Therefore they were legal. Guns don't kill people, people...zzzz...Second Amendment...mmmm.....excuse to take our guns away...gggggg......

2. Just as there is still racism in America, there is misogyny. Shock. Surprise.

3. The male ego is a fragile flower.

4. Insert Hillary Clinton joke here.

Enjoy the beach, you jammy bastard.



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