Sunday, August 16, 2009

Behind the curve

When it comes to television, I'm always inexcusably lagging behind the other kids, staring at clouds and wondering how cheese is made. If I think about it at all, I think about why so many British and Australian actors are needed to portray Americans these days. Deep stuff.

To this day, I have never seen a minute of Gray's Anatomy. If not for The Soup, I would have to pretend I know who Jon and Kate are. I could not pick Ryan Secrest (sp?) out of a crowd. Lost is lost on me. Until a couple of months ago, I had never watched Boston Legal. When it first appeared I glanced over and said "Lawyers? Shatner? Ergh." I understand it has since been cancelled.

Why? This show is awesome. And by that I mean awesomely prescient. I watch it every day on some little cable channel or other, the kind that carries commercials for the Latter-Day Saints and companies that will get your IRS debt knocked down. Who ever thought Captain Kirk could bring the funny? Or that practicing law was so sexually stimulating for the practitioners? But mostly it's the stories -- talk about torn-from-the-headlines. So far, Crane Poole & Schmidt ( great name) has represented:

A black man arrested by a Boston cop for looking at a house. Standing on the sidewalk, looking at a house. He found it beautiful.

A man whose wife died after her HMO insisted on sending her to India for a heart transplant.

A man with terminal cancer who attempted to buy a lung on the black market. Ironically, his body parts ended up on the black market. Did I mention he had cancer?

There it is. The Gates-Crowley case, health care reform, and the most recent round of New Jersey Political Follies. Unlike Law & Order, these writers didn't read about reality and then alter it a little. They created it.




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