Saturday, May 05, 2007

Mourning in America

Live from Simi Valley, home of the Rodney King trial, it's Night of the Living Dead. All those Republicans appeared to have measurable vital signs, but the most powerful presence was He Whose Name the Library Bears, Ronald Reagan. (Bush? What's a Bush?) Clearly, what Gore Vidal named the Right Wing of the Property Party has no chance of holding onto the White House unless it can disinter the Gipper and run him for a third term. (Constitutional loophole: he is, technically, dead.) If only Nancy had heard of Jeremy Bentham:

Bentham's most bizarre coup came after his death in 1832. As stipulated in his will, Bentham's embalmed body was dressed and placed on display in a glass cabinet in the hallways of UCL. His body is still there today and, apparently, it is still wheeled in to preside over the annual meeting of university administrators. He also left his estate as an endowment to UCL and tens of thousands of pages of unpublished papers and tracts for successive generations to dig through (which they are still doing).

(from History of Economic Thought,

Well, if Celine Dion can sing with Elvis, there's no reason Reagan can't run for president although, technically, dead. From the neck down, this time.


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