Thursday, March 30, 2023

Where to start?


Last year Missouri outlawed "sexually explicit" books in school libraries, like every other red state.  The Missouri Library Association and the Missouri Association of School Librarians sued, with the ACLU representing them pro bono, so Missouri decided to teach these leftist groomers a good lesson:  they have removed state funding from all public libraries.  Keep pushing, librarians, and they'll send in the demolition companies.  The young man above is not in Missouri but in London, where fascist book-burners of an earlier era dropped a bomb on a bookshop; nevertheless, he persisted.  Reading has never been a more radical act than it is now.  And in Harry Truman's home state.  Bastards.

At least they're decisive.  The Republicans in Congress know they hate everything Biden, including his budget proposals, but as the deadline for raising the debt ceiling approaches they can't seem to come up with a budget of their own.  Default, de-shmault, they have bigger fish to fry.  The Overlook Committee holds many hearings into What Is Really Important, where Grannie-to-Be Boebert gets to sit with the serious people and interrogate DC Councilman Charles Allen about his proposals for reforming the District's criminal code and whether he is in favor of public urination..  Yes or no?  Well?  (Of course not.)  It went on for some time while the serious people repressed their laughter.  This is one topic Grannie should avoid, as it can only remind people of the time Grandpa Jayson pulled out his boebert in front of the bowling alley.  But she's as fearless as she is stupid.

Normally Grannie would be sticking up for the sacred Second Amendment in the aftermath of another child massacre, but as she was working on America's pee problem, Margie Greene had to step in.   Did you know that when she was in the eleventh grade Joe Biden made the schools gun-free zones, which caused another lockdown?  People who can count eventually figured out that she meant the Gun-Free School Zones Act signed in 1990 by George H.W. Bush.  Or she was still struggling through high school last year.  Anyway it was found unconstitutional in 1995.  It's now an article of faith among MAGAts that everything they hate was the work of Biden or Obama, regardless of the year.  You can't argue with faith.

As befits a world leader, Trump is already looking ahead to easy conquests in his second, permanent term.  He's asking his "policy advisers" (Kushner and Bannon?) to plan an invasion of Mexico.  Not the regular Mexicans, some of whom are very fine people, just the drug cartels.  Only he can fix it.  Since we know Trump does not believe in NATO* or any other form of international engagement, it may be a threat to force Mexico to build WALL as well as pay for it -- see how smart he is?  Or he may envy the ease with which Putin conquered Ukraine.  What?  Well, any day now.

Yes, everything is great.  Those World War II tanks must be less impressive than expected because Russia is working out a deal with North Korea to swap food for weapons.  At least people will eat (or Kim will overeat) better this year.  Finland expelled Russia's spies and Putin apparently pressured Hungary to put a hold on Sweden's NATO membership, but it's all fine.  Oh, and they arrested a Wall Street Journal reporter, Evan Gershkovich, for reporting, or "espionage" as it's known in Russia.  It's 3pm.  If he isn't on a plane by midnight expect the MAGAt Caucus to demand Biden's impeachment.

Today's fiery toxic train derailment/evacuation occurred in Raymond, Minnesota, a hundred miles west of the Twin Cities.  Ethanol and corn syrup, not as bad as it could have been.  Speaking of which, the city of Baltimore says the environmental company Clean Harbors cannot use its sewer system for carloads of contaminated water from East Palestine, Ohio.  Philadelphia assured residents their water is safe despite a chemical spill in the Delaware River in Bucks County, but people are buying bottled water anyway.  You may not have heard much about this because the Republicans haven't figured out how to blame Pete Buttigieg.

From the very same piss-obsessed Lauren Boebert:  "When we had a real Transportation Secretary instead of a DEI sympathy hire, this didn't happen every day!"  (I had to look it up:  Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, three things the right hates.)  A real secretary?  Like "Coco Chow"?  Trump railroad deregulation not relevant?  Buttigieg ran a city, you couldn't run a greasy spoon without attracting the attention of the Health Department.  You know what?  Stick to pee.

The average Wall Street bonus was only $176,700 last year.  However will they afford eggs?

*"I got rid of NATO and built USMCA.  I made a great trade deal with China.  Our farmers, to this day they made tremendous money because of the deal."  Trump to Hannity.  He confuses NATO with NAFTA.  If Joe Biden did that Nikki Haley would be demanding he take a mental competence test.



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