Wednesday, February 01, 2023

Welcome to the Abyss

 According to Hesiod, when the Cyclops rebelled against Uranus he threw them into Tartarus.  Within Tartarus was the Abyss, where a man could fall for a year without ever touching bottom.  I know the feeling.

Today I awoke to the news of yet another Black man killed by police, in Huntington Park, California.  What makes this one different is that Anthony Lowe was a double amputee who used a wheelchair and was suspected of stabbing someone.  Yet the police couldn't manage to arrest him without Tasing him twice and then shooting him ten times.  By then he was out of the chair and attempting to crawl away.  But he could have had a knife!  They were in fear of their lives!  At least Huntington Park's Finest don't wear bodycams.  This one would have been unbearable to watch.

No, I don't know the ethnicity of the police, but I'm sure we'll hear about it soon because it's of such importance.

His sister Tatiana Jackson said her four-year-old daughter can't understand why her mother is crying.  "She keeps saying, 'Call Uncle Anthony.'  But he can't fix this."

Apparently nobody can.  

The Idiot Issue of the week is DirecTV, the woke Marxist wing of Antifa which is destroying free speech by refusing to pay whatever Newsmax asks for the privilege of carrying it.  Eric Burlison (R-MO) (I never heard of him either) went full Founding Fathers Blood of Patriots to compare their decision to -- yeah, the Holocaust.  Lauren Boebert demanded to know if they would cancel the The Weather Channel next because randomly cancelling stuff subscribers actually want is how AT&T stays in business.  The Usual Gang of Senators are threatening Commerce Committee hearings but fortunately lack the votes.  Even Governissimo DeSantis has joined the chorus by way of raising his national profile among the permanently aggrieved.

No bottom.

Squeaker McCarthy stopped licking Empty Greene's patent leather pumps long enough to put her on the House Overlook Committee and she's already making headlines.  After Jasmine Crocket (D-TX) objected to the disbanding of the civil rights subcommittee, Trump's would-be running mate stepped in  to set her straight.  While Tyre Nichols's death was sad, it happened because Memphis is controlled by Democrats and the police were Black.  The real issue of police brutality was the senseless murder of blonde Ashli Babbitt as she peacefully entered the Capitol on the Great Patriotic Holiday -- another Black officer, another Democrat city.  Deal with that!  Evidently Rep. Crocket was too stunned to reply.  

No bottom.

Here's why all cable subscribers need outlets like Newsmax and Fox News -- the information you can't hear anywhere else.  Michelle Obama is running for president!  As I recall she didn't even want her husband to run for president, but if it weren't true, why would she be talking to Robin Roberts about menopause?  Baby Tuckoo had the scoop so you know it's not the demented ravings of someone who spends too much time tanning his scrotum.  (How much is too much?)  Even Tuckoo doesn't take this seriously so he shifted to a Black woman he really, really hates, Kamala Harris.  Did you know she's "universally loathed," even by her husband, who would like to leave her "for a white dude"?  Maybe Paul Pelosi.  Those of us who've been poking the right with a stick over the years have encountered insinuations that Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama are really men (or transgender, which is even more frightening to the Tuckoos of the world), but I was still surprised to encounter the "Doug Emhoff is gay" trope.  Of course, it could have been around for years.

No bottom.

Trump's pathetic hunger for praise continues to dominate his actions.  He was happy to cite Bob Woodward on his fading Twitter knockoff ("Bob Woodward scolds media colleagues for Trump Russia coverage, says American public was 'cheated'") while simultaneously suing Woodward for $49 million for not cutting him in on royalties from the audiobook Rage.  Maybe his pathetic hunger for money is even greater.  Or he just likes having his lawsuits laughed out of court and his lawyers sanctioned so he can rant about "crooked judges."

His identification with "the late, great gangster Alphonse Capone!" is apparently total.  Having observed, "You see the mob takes the Fifth.  If you're innocent why are you taking the Fifth Amendment?" Trump invoked his right to avoid self-incrimination over four hundred times while being deposed under oath by the New York Attorney General.  Wonderful thing, perjury.

No bottom.

Do you crave still more from the bottle-blonde Neanderthal of the Georgia 14th?  Neither do I.  If you gaze into the abyss, the abyss gazes also into you.




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