Thursday, February 02, 2023

This is your country

Take this.  You'll need it.

 Americans own 46 percent of the world's privately held guns.  Lauren Boebert says that isn't enough.

Congressclowns Anna Paulina Luna (R-FL), "George Santos" (R-NY) and Andrew Clyde (R-GA) (not pictured) are wearing assault rifle pins.  Luna is angry because Democrats want to keep real assault rifles out of committee rooms.  "The same Democrats who are voting to send firearms to Ukraine are telling me I can't carry one," she complained, because DC and Donetsk are indistinguishable.

Fourteen members of Congress wrote to the leadership expressing "urgent concern for the safety and security of the President, other dignitaries and guests at the upcoming State of the Union Address."

The HOUSE RULES!! Committee played host to a riveting battle of the brains as Guy Reschenthaler (R-PA) repeatedly demanded that Maxine Waters renounce Satan and all his pomps various Communist dictators, most of them long dead, including Stalin, Mao and Pol Pot.  He apparently overlooked Fidel Castro.  Rep. Waters pointed out that Trump has bragged of his closeness with living dictators like Kim Jong-un and Xi Jinping (who loved the chocolate cake at Mar a Lago).  Reschenthaler decided to remind everyone that Franklin Roosevelt, also long dead, called Stalin "Uncle Joe," therefore all Democrats are commies, the end, I yield back my time and my spittle-flecked tie.  The business of the people is often conducted in odd ways.  Expect them to get odder.

(A small point of history:  At a meeting of wartime allies, FDR told Stalin that others called him "Uncle Joe."  Stalin was offended.  Churchill had to smooth things over.  This is why the Rightzis want to make Americans ignorant of history, though Reschenthaler is clearly ahead of them.)

 Ilhan Omar was thrown off the Foreign Affairs Committee because the Squeaker says she is antisemitic.

Paul "Have you met my friend Nick Fuentes?" Gosar agrees.

So it's official government policy:  Criticize Israel and you're an antisemite.

A winter storm hit Texas, leaving ten people dead and 400,000 customers without electricity.  After the last time you'd think Ted Cruz would know enough to shut up.  He didn't.  Princeton and Harvard must be so proud.  GIGO

As Trump would say, thanks to the late, great Homer "Boots" Randolph.


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