Saturday, September 17, 2022

Words no good

 Our MAGAt of the week is Jeremy David Hanson of Rossmoor, California, who narrowly defeated a crowded field when he threatened to "shoot up and bomb" the offices of Merriam Webster in New York and Springfield, Massachusetts.  He didn't care for their definition of "girl" as "a person whose gender identity is female."  Hanson calls this "pander[ing] to the tranny mafia" and goes on, "The only good Marxist is a dead Marxist."  (I haven't read much Marx but I'm pretty sure he was more concerned with economics.)  Hanson's mother says he is "reclusive" and under her supervision, but the 34-year-old is still looking at prison; that wasn't the only threat he made.  

Down in Florida, the Sarasota County School District is not accepting donated dictionaries until they can be examined by the official censor certified education media specialist, lest similar incendiary definitions corrupt children.  It's not clear how they expect to shield children from online dictionaries, but I imagine the sort of filter that now blocks pornographic terms like "cock" and "breast" would work.

Now that he has an excellent chance of finishing second in the Arizona senatorial race, radical left Democrats are firing up their search engines to discover egregiously stupid things Blake Masters said on the road to prominence.  Apparently he caught Trump's eye with an interview last March in which he was asked to name a "subversive thinker" Americans should know better.  Masters came up with Theodore Kaczynski a/k/a the Unabomber.  "He had a lot to say about the political left, about how they all have inferiority complexes and fundamentally hate anything like goodness, truth, beauty, justice."    Ted can't campaign for Masters as he is serving four life sentences for murdering three people and injuring many more, but he must be pleased to see his work inspire a new generation of sociopaths.

Speaking of sociopathy, meet the Universal Aryan Brotherhood, an organization inspired by California's Nazi prison gangs and currently terrorizing an area near Oklahoma City.  Police in Logan County think they have found a body dump behind the UAB's compound walls but they've tried to keep the investigation quiet to protect witnesses.  A 2016 report from the Anti-Defamation League calls such gangs "the fastest-growing and most dangerous arm of the white-supremacist movement" but that was before Trump was "elected."

Louie Gohmert's Congressional career is in its final days but he's determined to leave his mark.  When anti-vax loony/January 6 insurrectionist Simone Gold left prison after her sixty-day term Louie presented her with a flag from the Capitol and a certificate of same, calling her a "political prisoner."  A rioter who happens to have political opinions is not a political prisoner.  Louie needs a good dictionary.

Trump apparently trusts hack judge Cannon to solve his little legal problem with the Justice Department.  He put an empty "classified" folder and a "Situation Room" brochure on display in the 45 Wine and Whiskey Bar of his Manhattan eyesore.  But you can't just gawk -- a couple who tried to get a look were told by a security guard they would have to "order food."  

Also in our continuing survey of junk food and Trumpism, this happened:

Yes, Jabba the Putt thinks Christie is fat.  Words fail.

Some of our leaders have given up on words altogether to concentrate on other forms of communication.  The young activist group Voters of Tomorrow tried to discuss gun violence with Marjorie Taylor Greene, who kicked eighteen-year-old Marianna Pecora out of her way.  Greene subsequently called the protesters "foolish cowards" and "idiots" so she can still imitate human speech when it suits her.  

Unimpressed by laws about kidnapping and human trafficking, Greg Abbott, Doug Ducey and Ron DeSantis have shipped asylum seekers,, mainly Venezuelan, to northern cities as a stunt for their supporters and a random act of cruelty.  Decent people in Chicago, Washington and New York have shamed the fascists by welcoming them with food, showers, baby supplies and places to stay.  In a particularly egregious stunt, DeSantis chartered a plane to deliver several hundred people to Martha's Vineyard, where all liberals summer.  This delighted Tucker Carlson, America's answer to Julius Streicher, who apparently came up with the plan in July.  He stopped obsessing about testosterone long enough to suggest the migrants head for the Obama place for a "goat barbecue."  Also "The Vineyard is going to have to construct shantytowns...we're going to call them 'townships' after Obama's favorite country, and we're going to give them dignified names that suggest some kind of victory over adversity -- Mandela, Cesar Chavezville, Kamalopolis."  Come on, Tuckoo, what do you really think of the colored people?  Don't be subtle, you'll confuse your audience.

Carlson will be pleased to know that Alabama is still denying any sort of monetary compensation to Sarah Collins Rudolph, who lost an eye and still carries glass shards from the bombing of the 16th Street Baptist Church in Birmingham in 1963.  Governor Ivey managed a verbal apology but says anything more awaits legislative approval.  Of course, it's against the law in Alabama to make white people feel bad about the past -- you know, "critical race theory" -- so that legislation is going nowhere.  

Is "boo" a term of endearment on the bayou?  I ask because Rep. Clay Higgins (R-Bigoil) employed it while arguing with Raya Salter of the Energy Justice Law and Policy Center about petrochemicals.  He also called Salter, who is Black, "young lady" in that "I don't have to learn your name" manner employed by generations of white Southerners.  In an improbably related story, federal judge Trudy M. White revoked a permit Louisiana had issued to FG LA (Formosa Plastics) for a factory in the part of the state known as Cancer Alley.  Yes, its emissions would have disproportionately affected poor Black residents.  Yes, Judge White is Black.  Yes, she has already been the victim of an "imposter" Facebook account.  Yes, she is "controversial."  Want to make something of it, Tuckoo? 

I didn't think so.  Pussy. 




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