Saturday, September 17, 2022

The mourning after

 Slowly the illusion of a people united in grief breaks down.  And it was always an illusion.

On Thursday night two women waiting to view the queen's coffin reported a man who exposed himself, grabbed them from behind and then jumped into the Thames.  He faces two counts of assault and two counts of breaching a sexual harm prevention order, meaning he's done this before.  I guess that crowd of people was irresistible.

Last night a man shoved a little girl aside, ran up and tried to touch the coffin.  He has also been arrested.  No explanation was given.  Nor is there video, as the camera was switched off when the disturbance began.  Like a streaker at a sporting event, they don't like to encourage others.

Tik-Tok seems to be the chosen venue for disparaging comments and worse about the new queen and perennial hate object Meghan Markle.  Photos are posted comparing Camilla today with the way Diana looked twenty-five years ago.  Also, Elizabeth II did not die because she was 96; she was murdered to prevent her disclosing information which would have led to the arrest of -- wait for it -- Hillary Clinton.  (Come on, QAnon, can't you let the British enjoy their own batshit conspiracy theories?  It's only ten days.)   I'm sure George Soros had something to do with something.

The Sussexes continue to stir debate.  Were they invited to the state reception Monday and then un-invited?   Is Harry allowed to wear his uniform or not?  This has re-ignited the rumor that Charles is not his real father -- ginger, you know.  (Wouldn't that make the sainted Diana a bit of a slag?)  And what are they going to do with Uncle Andy?

Before the late queen's body left Scotland about a hundred employees of Clarence House, the residence of the Prince of Wales, had already received pink slips.  Not only was this more crass than class, it seemed to signal a diminished royal household.  After all, there's still a Prince of Wales; won't William need people to arrange his appointments, open his mail and iron his shoelaces?  (I swear, someone does that for Charles.)  

By now everyone has seen Pengate, the worst thing to befall the monarchy since Oliver Cromwell.  The king was invited to sign the visitors' book at Hillsborough Castle in Northern Ireland and was handed a fountain pen which leaked.  IRA sabotage is suspected.  He handed the pen to Camilla and left, wiping his hand with a handkerchief.  Apparently a different pen and inkstand annoyed him as he signed his Accession document.  I hope they sort this out before civil war erupts.  A gold-plated Biro?

Speaking of Andrew...

And that's not even the strangest tribute.



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