Tuesday, September 13, 2022

Slip-sliding away

 More evidence that white men are the most oppressed group in America:  The National Basketball Association has suspended Phoenix Suns owner Robert Sarver for a year and fined him $10 million for using racial epithets and making sexist comments about female employees.  If you can't verbally abuse your own workforce, what's the point anymore?

For some reason, Sean Hannity thought his viewers needed to be brought up to date on the multiple charges facing Trump for such activities as espionage, election tampering, obstruction of justice and fraudulent fundraising, so he compiled them into a running scroll.  Apparently the expression "no smoke without fire" is unknown on the right.  I understand Rachel Maddow has asked to borrow the list.

Alabama has demonstrated little aptitude for providing residents with halfway-decent health care, education or even potable water, but it's determined to take the lead in experimental killing methods.  As early as next week Alan Eugene Miller could be executed by nitrogen hypoxia, a method of gassing which replaces oxygen with nitrogen in the victim's blood.  Miller chose it because he doesn't like needles and it sounded like a dental procedure.  Miller, who killed three men, is described as "delusional" but not mentally ill enough to meet Alabama's standards for a defense.  Understandable.

Whether or not he dies from an acute case of the bends, Miller will be doing better than John Basco, the fourteenth inmate to die this year in the notorious Oklahoma County Detention Center.  Basco and other prisoners were suing the county alleging torture -- they were handcuffed to a wall and forced to listen to "Baby Shark" for hours in 2019.  He was found "unresponsive" in his cell after being arrested three days ago on drug charges.    

Ronny Jackson must have fallen in love while performing Trump's prostate exam because he sobered up long enough to tweet, "Retweet if you want the MAGA King back now!!"  The America First crowd doesn't seem to have noticed that since 1776 we've had no king but Elvis.  And Clark Gable. 

Since primary day in Kansas Republicans have been backpedaling on abortion like a unicyclist on the Ed Sullivan Show, but Lindsey Graham hasn't noticed.  He announced that he will introduce a federal abortion-ban bill with the catchy title Protecting Pain-Capable Unborn Children From Late-Term Abortions Act ("late term" being fifteen weeks).  It has no chance of passage and will tie the Republicans more firmly to the Opus Dei court's Dobbs decision.  Excellent work by a man with less skin in the game than most.  Speaking of the pain-capable, thirteen children have died this year after being "forgotten" in a hot car.  Is it too soon to start calling this an Alito Abortion?

"You gotta pay tribute to the 9/11 victims, you know?  But also, you saw America come together...because this country was, you know, it was on a war with a country that didn't believe in us.  And right now we have leaders in Washington like Joe Biden doing venomous speeches that doesn't believe in American people...I'm running against Senator Warnock who's another one that says White people gotta apologize for whiteness."  Ladies and gentlemen, the would-be junior senator from Georgia.  Holy fuck.

Trump and some casually attired associates gathered at his golf course in Sterling, Virginia, without tools but apparently engrossed in important conversation.  The absence of clubs reminded me of the end of Blowup and the tennis match without rackets or a ball, suggesting the mental disintegration of Thomas the photographer, but John W. Dean saw a classic mob confab:  "Golf shirts so no wires.  Move around so no unseen electronic fixes.  Way out of camera range so no lip reading."  And no Secret Service within earshot.  Trump of all people knows they can't be trusted.  

According to Rebecca Lanis her father was fine until he began reading QAnon conspiracy theories online.  Early on Sunday Igor Lanis of Walled Lake, Michigan, killed his wife and gravely wounded their daughter with a shotgun.  He also killed the dog before police killed him.  So...maybe not the best moment for Trump to "Re-Truth" this picture:

  So what do you think is in Ivana's grave?


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