Tuesday, August 09, 2022

Party of Lincoln Logs

"I've seen enough." (McCarthy)

"Playing with fire."  (Rubio)

"What goes around is going to come around."  (Also Rubio)

"Banana Republic."  (DeSantis)

"Time will tell."  (Graham)

FBI agents must be "arrested on sight." (Sabatini)

"No stone unturned."  (More McCarthy)

"The enemy within." (Trailertrash Greene)

This is but a sampling.  The outrage at Mar a Lago ("MAR" as Greene calls it because she does not alphabet good) has driven the Republiclowns to depths of eloquence not heard since the prime of George W. Bush ("Is your children learning?") if not the Nixon tapes.  What is Orwell's first rule?  "Never use a metaphor, simile, or other figure of speech which you are used to seeing in print."  Jeez.

Those are the relatively articulate office holders.  Imagine what barely intelligible rage-tweets are flying through the air at the C.H.U.D. level.  Here they are last night holding a bloat parade in the humid Florida night.


No matter what you hear, Joe Biden was not in the car watching the raid.  He was in Kentucky promising more aid after appalling floods.  And even there, even for that, he was subjected to abuse.  Consider this highly significant exchange with Governor Andy Beshear:

Biden:  "May I say something?"

Beshear:  "You're the President."

Biden:  "I still have to ask permission."

A man asks to interrupt another man at a press conference.  America has not been brought so low since that time Jimmy Carter carried his own suitcase.  What will our enemies say?  Those American imperialists, they have good manners.  It is time to strike.

This is how you do it, Joe:

Brute force is what fascists respect.  The next raid on the Lago should be carried out in the manner of Louisville police no-knocking at the home of Breonna Taylor.  Kick the door in, guns out, lots of shouting and try not to shoot a member of the staff.  Give them something to wail about.



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