Tuesday, August 02, 2022

Golf clap


I thought I heard wrong.  But the LIV trophy does seem to be modeled on the World Trade Center.

Where's is Rudolph "A noun, a verb and 9/11" Giuliani when you need him?  Trump should have made him prove his servility by handing out the prizes.  It's not enough to lose your law license -- any stumblebum can do that.  

In addition to the blaring recorded music* which enhances any golf outing, there was spirited chanting of "Fuck you Biden," which in Trumpese is "Let's go Brandon."  Joe Biden didn't get to hear it because he was arranging for the droning of this guy,

Ayman al-Zawahiri, at an al-Qaeda brunch in Kabul.  The Washington Post is fretful that "Popular anger could push regime to retaliate and further turn away from the West in favor of hard-line religion."  How exactly?  Cancel Taliban Pride Month?

Greg Norman, who should know as he is the CEO of this fuckfest, says Tiger Woods was offered at least $700 million just to participate.  He didn't.  Trump will now proclaim him a has-been and an ingrate who hates America and was always overrated.  Other America-haters include Jordan Spieth, Jordan Smith and Rory McIlroy, while Charles Barkley refused to join the broadcasters yelling over Top 40 hits.  That guy at the top won.  You can look up his name.  The gallery was as sparse as the 2017 Inauguration crowd, craning for a look at celebrities like Junior and Kimberly, Marjorie Trailertrash Greene and Tucker Carlson, who got in free.  I think it's the Sauds who will turn away from the West as this exercise in image-burnishing crashes and burns.  Comparisons are being made to Trump Airlines, Trump Steaks, Trump the Fragrance, Trump University, the New Jersey Generals (branding opportunity lost there), Trump Vodka, Tour de Trump, Trump Ice (?), Trump Taj Mahal, etc.  What happens to lawyers who fail to perform due diligence in the Kingdom?  Say hello to my little friends.

(By the way, if your ball lands on Ivana's grave, you should drop one.)

*During the early rounds 9/11 families showed up to protest.  Probably the music was intended to shield players and fans from such disturbances.  Nothing sours a day of sun and fun like soreheads yelling about "blood money."


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