Thursday, June 30, 2022

What does it all mean?

 A Quinnipiac poll found Raphael Warnock with a comfortable lead in the Georgia Senate election.  If he can just keep Herschel Walker talking for the next four months, he can win by double digits.  John Fetterman is also doing well against carpetbagger Mehmet Oz.  (I know that term is reserved for Democrats but it just seems to fit someone with dual Turkish-American citizenship who only moved to Pennsylvania a few weeks ago.)  In Ohio Tim Ryan leads Trumpanzee J.D. Vance.  Never say I always bring bad news.  

Vance, Walker and Oz were all anointed by Trump, so his lousy week continues, I'm so very sorry to say.  The twice-impeached loser showed up on Newsmax for an interview and a veiled threat about their refusal to devote enough time to his lie:  "Fox doesn't put it on and by the way, you people don't put it on, either.  You're afraid of being sued or something.  I don't know.  Someday you'll have to explain that.  You'll probably cut what I'm saying right now."  Or not.  He probably longs for a day when he can denounce them to a tribunal and then -- the guillotine.  Sorry, I just finished Simon Shama's Citizens and bloody chaos is on my mind.

He's still wearing his tiny thumbs down to the joint ranting about Cassidy Hutchinson three days after her riveting appearance before the "Unselect Committee":  "The woman is living in fantasy land...She's a social climber if you call that social" [?].  If only Gym Jordan was there to "cross-examine."  The pathetically loyal Giuliani tried to help, tweeting, "She was never present when I asked for a pardon," then saying he "did not want or need" a pardon, then giving up and deleting the whole thing before reaching for another scotch.  The merely pathetic Junior Trump chimed in, "Their dream witness/coffee girl perjured herself!"  Now I believe every word she said, even the car incident she didn't personally see.

Junior's Uncle Rudy isn't having a good week, either.  His claim to be a victim of assault was met with raucous laughter and now Mayor Eric Adams wants the Staten Island DA to consider charging him with filing a false police report.  Also, Andrew Giuliani will not be the Republican candidate for governor.  Sucks to be them.  

 Is there a statute of limitations on arrest warrants?  A legal team combing through old records in the basement of the Leflore County courthouse in Mississippi found one for "Mrs. Roy Bryant" from 1955.  The sheriff didn't want to "bother" her as she had two young children, so he never served it.  The district attorney apparently sought information on her identification of Emmett Till as the person who whistled at her and who was subsequently murdered.  Carolyn Bryant Donham is still alive and still lives in the county, but it's unlikely she will be served at this point.  The US Justice Department closed the Till case earlier this year.  

A giant African land snail has turned up in central Florida.  It can destroy crops and give meningitis to humans, but don't worry -- Ron DeSantis will pass a law against it.


Speaking of Boatlift Hitler, Trump appears to have lost a supporter.  Joe Rogan has joined Team DeSantis.  Exciting, huh?

Yes, Lauren Boebert made oral noises again, this time asserting that "the church is supposed to direct the government."  Adam Kinzinger responded by calling her "Christian Taliban" and adding, "I say this as a Christian."  So stop calling me "Jewboy," he probably wanted to say.  

Boris Johnson, who considers himself witty, suggested at the G7 that he and others pose shirtless like Putin, who was not invited.  Big Bad Vlad, who nobody considers witty, retorted that western leaders would look "disgusting."  Not all of them, man-flaps.


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