Tuesday, May 10, 2022

They no longer call him stupid

Just because Mark Esper failed in his duty to report Trump's psychopathic behavior to his bosses (that would be us Americans) it doesn't mean his ironically titled book is completely worthless.  (Did the words "preserve, protect and defend the Constitution" occur in that "sacred oath" he took?)  For example, when he says Trump complained that naval ships were "ugly" compared to Russian and Italian ones, I believe him.  We know he spent hours poring over "window treatments" for the White House, selecting photos that he thought made him look gorgeous and choosing a new color scheme for Air Force One.  Not to mention the daily regimen of orange clown makeup and shellac for that growth on his head.  Most people that vain would try to lose some weight, or at least order suits that hid his belly, but Trump is not most people -- an occasion for joy in a dark time.

Nevertheless, he's still obsessed with appearing smart in front of crowds made up of the "poorly educated" he loves.  In Nebraska he brought up the Mini-Mental State Exam again as if it were the Riddle of the Sphinx which he alone had solved.  It's just a basic rule-out-dementia test, and it was administered by the far-from-impeccable Dr. Ronny (now Rep. Jackson), who probably slipped him clues like Portia nudging Bassanio to the right casket.  Trump is so proud, you'd think it was the only test he ever passed.  It could be.  No one has ever scored so high.  "I'll bet you couldn't, they get very hard, the last five questions," he told an admirably straight-faced Chris Wallace.  And he's memorized the first five, in case they come up again.  "They're calling me bad names.  They're calling me stupid, Ronny."  It was Fake Military School all over again.

How would you like to have a job for life, a car and a driver, and a costume that screams "Respect me!" and still be able to depict yourself as a victim?  Become a right-wing Supreme Court hack and it's yours.  

Welcome to the majesty of the law.  The Senate, which can't even vote unanimously to adjourn, unanimously passed The Supreme Court Police Parity Act, providing extra security for the justices, their families including Ginny the Seditionist, and their dogs.  And all because pissed-off women (and a lot of men) plan to go on picketing their homes and workplace and any other place they show up to earn big bucks addressing the Federalist Society or the Proud Boys.  Although the First Amendment is pretty clear about "the right of the people peaceably to assemble" to protest when stripped of their humanity, Moscow Mitch was livid about demonstrators not breaking windows or even stepping on the grass before the homes of Roberts, Kavanaugh and Alito:  it's "flat-out illegal" to try to influence a judge.  Even one who made up his mind forty years ago?

And who will protect poor Susan Qollins, who could have stopped Kavanaugh but chose to believe his lies?  Susie Q had an actual message of support for the Women's Health Protection Act chalked on her sidewalk, but the Bangor Police must be woke leftists because they declined to investigate.  As of this hour Qollins has not gone into hiding like Christine Blasey Ford, but she's plenty scared.  Probably.  If they have colored chalk, who knows what else they have?  Maybe fruit?

It says "please."  Those monsters.

Speaking of people who got real death threats and needed real bodyguards, whatever became of Anthony Fauci?  You still hear his name from time to time, usually from some Trumpanzee running for the school board in Cheesecurd, Wisconsin, and promising to hang or shoot him, but he has fallen out of rotation in the Hate 100.  Now it's all Disney, Disney, Disney.  Marco Rubio's No Tax Breaks For Radical Corporate Activism Act (better known as NTBFRCA) would punish companies (including Disney) who pay for employees to travel out of hellhole states to obtain abortions or trans care for minors.  Josh Hawley's Copyright Clause Restoration Act of 2022 would shorten copyright periods in order to "take away Disney's special privileges" and allow the rest of us to produce cartoons about Dumbo and Bambi.  (I think his real goal is to get Song of the South out of the vault and back in circulation.  BTW, Happy Confederate Memorial Day, South Carolina.)  The company's vast holdings in Florida have already been stripped of self-governing status by Ron "Ersatz Trump" DeSantis, which will stick his constituents with a hell of a tax bill.  Well, nobody said culture wars were free.  

Elsewhere, the Tory Party took a beating in local and bi-elections.  Which is remarkable given that there isn't much plausible opposition.  The reliably nutty Arizona state senator Wendy Rogers will probably claim that all those elections were rigged.  She already alerted French voters, "Macron stole the election.  Dig deeper our fellow French patriots!  You guys know how to party like it is 1776."  No, I don't know what it means, either, but she also believes "Zelensky is a globalist puppet for Soros and the Clintons."  Because "I stand with the Christians worldwide and not the global bankers who are shoving godlessness and degeneracy in our face."  Jacinda Ardern, Justin Trudeau and Zelensky "all report to the same Satanic masters."  I knew Satan would show up eventually.  "The bankers want a great reset and World War III."  It must be fun all the time in the Arizona legislature.  This bint was a colonel in our Air Force.  Now I'm scared.



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