Sunday, May 08, 2022

Fount of Life

 If you think women were intended by Gawd to be incubators, there's no need to go all the way back to the seventeenth century and "great common-law authority" Matthew Hale.  There are people who matter, with penises, who will snigger when a proponent of marital rape and witch-burning is cited in a 21st century legal decision.  "Hey, why not remind us what the Code of Hammurabi says?" they will ask snarkily.  Step into this alley, I got your precedent right here.

I see where Sammy and Amy are worried that "the domestic supply of infants" suitable for adoption "has become virtually nonexistent."  Why didn't you say so?  It's not about stripping all American women of their rights, it's about those poor people who have to go to Albania to buy a baby.  When you add travel, lawyers, bribes and miscellaneous expenses it's way more than the minimum $13,000 it costs to have a baby in the USA.  The historical precedent you want is less than a hundred years old.

Lebensborn was founded in 1935 to increase the supply of Aryan babies in the Third Reich.  Eventually it spread to occupied countries where SS officers could inseminate racially acceptable women and ensure Germany's future soldiers and breeders.  Some lucky blond children were even removed from their families and turned over to unfortunate (childless) German families to raise, a procedure we now discourage as "kidnapping."  Of course the Reich and its SS are gone, but the practice has evidently been revived by the Russian invaders of Ukraine, among others.  Fertile German women had a chance to compete for prizes like the Cross of Honor of the German Mother; Mrs. Barrett's seven would probably qualify her for at least Honorable Mention.

Anyway, if it's babies they want, there are plenty of women who will produce them without depriving everyone of abortion and contraception (come on, you know you want to).  All the states need to do is pay them a living wage, provide pre-natal care and create a mechanism for protecting the all-important parental rights of the fathers -- including rapists.  If women voluntarily give up the right to control their bodies, I'm fine with it.  (In much the same way teenagers with no better options voluntarily join the military, but one thing at a time.)  How about leading the way, Mississippi?  Your child mortality rate is a disgrace.  Don't you want to be Number One in something besides pellagra?

Leave Roe alone and set up a chain of Sammytariums!  Breeding is fundamental!  

Happy Mother's Day.


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