Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Blame it on the coronavirus

"He was very paranoid about getting covid...and then he got covid just a few weeks ago," said Sandra Komoroff, described as a relative of Payton Gendron.  "And when you're home all day on the Internet you're missing out on human contact.  There's a lot of emotion and a lot of body language you're not getting when you see their face."  Millions of us were in that position without killing anybody, but sure, there's always room for another theory.  Laura Ingraham blames the media -- not the Murdoch outlet that pays her and Tucker, of course, but the ones who try to restrict hate speech of the kind Gendron lapped up.  Logical thought is not Dr. Laura's specialty subject.  So to recap:  A false-flag furry radicalized by violent video games and driven mad by "China flu."  He probably chose a supermarket to call attention to Biden's theft of formula from little white babies.  Did I miss anything?  Was he groomed by Pedodems?

(Of course, it wasn't the Biden administration that decided to "protect" domestic producers by slapping a tariff on Canadian formula.  You don't hear about this when the cable news pans over empty shelves.)

Eco-fascism!  The Rightzis have taken to blaming immigration and over-population for "degrading" the environment, also an obsession of the Christchurch and El Paso mass murderers.  How strange, then, that Rightzi policies about abortion and contraception can only lead to more Americans being born in states that already have little or no interest in pre-natal screening, daycare or early childhood development.  Ingraham is not the only practitioner of pretzel logic.

Tomorrow:  How the murders were planned on Hunter Biden's laptop.

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This is the expression I have when I wake up.  I need some time off.

I need a break from Elon Musk, his incredible expanding ego, his adventures in fake money, his on-again off-again acquisition of Twitter, his future voting plans and the most punchable face of all time.

Had enough of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard, also, too.  I liked him in Ed Wood, I never heard of her, and I wish they would settle their bloody dispute and go away.  This is happening in an actual courtroom, where serious things could be going on.  

Likewise Wayne Rooney, his wife Colleen and some other woman.  Don't even tell me what "Wagatha Christie" means, I won't listen.  Sod off, the lot of you.

Oh, Jordan Peterson, the Canadian Piers Morgan?  Has anyone ever jumped from the CN Tower?  Be the first.

Junior Trump has an opinion about NATO and Finland and Uncle Vlad?  Junior can shove it up his nose.  Why are you still here?  Baby Tuckoo says you're being replaced.

I could go on but I have a bad knee.  Papa Francesco and I are going out for tequila shots.  


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