Friday, January 14, 2022

Read this before it's too late


The most important thing to understand is that Men In Black is a documentary.

I should have realized this when I first saw the giant cockroach from the planet Gosar.  The one in the dentist skin.  So clearly uncomfortable in there, constantly stretching its "neck"... it thinks of swallowing AOC.

It is impossible to understand the twenty-first century "Republican Party" unless you know that all of them are from off-world.  Of course they don't want to wear masks; it's hard enough for them to breathe earth's atmosphere.  Gohmerts and Boeberts can barely live under a yellow sun.  The trump's (let's call it) skin tone has never been seen here before.   As for its mate, there are no silicone-based life-forms native to Slovenia.  Melania is 86 percent silicone and the rest Botox.  You think it wears six-inch heels to appear taller?  That's how its feet are shaped.  Like classic Barbie's.

Watching Ted Cruz whine and show his belly to Tucker Carlson, I realized why he risked so much negative criticism by flying to Cancun during the Texas blackout:  The "dog" told him to.  Ted is its pet!  Dog controls the entire southwest.  Also made him grow that facial hair that will never be a beard, just for additional humiliation.  

As hard as it is for humans to look at Steve Bannon, on his world he's often compared to a young Montgomery Clift.  Afraid yet?

You should be.  There's a Space Force, all right, but it's not ours.  So when Centurion Greene warns about Jewish space lasers -- believe him.  That war is just warming up.  (They often adopt what they think are human names:  Marjorie Taylor Greene, Elon Musk, Ford Prefect, Treig Pronschinske, Novak Djokovic, Spam Blocker.  Gender is immaterial.)


These beings have roamed the galaxy in search of a super-heated planet where they can feed on coronavirus, which costs more than white truffles back home.  In areas they control like Florida and Texas, they devote themselves to increased global warming and the propagation of viruses, using earthoids as incubators.  Their goal is total control of the country starting last year with the Supreme Court.  Abortion must cease because more humans are needed for viral infection, to replace those who die off.  History must be distorted or destroyed so earthoids will forget things were ever different.  Once the US has been subjugated they will move on to other countries.  (One of them is already the "British Prime Minster."  They colonized Russia long ago without anyone noticing.)

Get the vaccine.  It's our only hope.  Otherwise this will be our future:





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