Tuesday, January 18, 2022

News on the march

 Well, this is going to be a light day.  All I have to do is transcribe.

Anders Breivik is up for parole ten years after killing 77 people because that's how they roll in Norway.  He gave a Nazi salute in the courtroom and held up signs expressing his political platform (he says he's running for parliament):  "Stop your genocide against white nations" and "Nazi-Civil-War" in English.  He has legally changed his name to "Fjotolf Hansen," which must mean something.  If the judge decides he's still a danger to society he might have to do another eleven years in his three-room cell.  (Kitchenette?  Media room?)  Love that Scandinavia.

The California Board of Parole Hearings thinks Sirhan Sirhan is a suitable case for parole but Governor Gavin Newsom disagrees.  In spite of everything the Kennedy name is still magic somewhere.

Speaking of Nazi salutes, Laura Ingraham was wet with excitement while informing her audience that Gen. Mark Milley tested positive for covid.  Since his active opposition to the coup became known, Milley is second only to Anthony Fauci on the fascist shit list.

Rand Paul is cancelling DirecTV because DirecTV is cancelling One America News Network, the site for those who find Fox News too left-wing.  He hasn't yelled for hearings but it's early days.

If you fail to document every minute of your life, including the ones where you behaved idiotically, it didn't happen, right?  That's why this unnamed woman drove her car onto the frozen Rideau River in Ontario and then took a selfie standing on the roof as it sank.  That's why Danielle Shap shared with her TikTok friends the experience of being rushed to the hospital after her all-you-can-eat experience at a sushi restaurant.  Still think the Kardashians are gluttons for attention?

When you hear hoofbeats think "DeSantis."  Evidently spooked by the Florida governor's presidential ambitions, Trump has unleashed ex-felon Roger Stone to shoo him away.  Stone has accordingly called DeSantis "fat slow and dumb," accused him of opposing "constitutional open carry" and most damningly labeled him "the Yale Harvard governor."  Free-yow!  He went to colleges?

Not to be outdone, DeSantis wants to establish a special force of election police to arrest fraudulent voters.  Tips can be phoned to 1-800-THEVILLAGES.

I for one am outraged that Daniel Radcliffe has won the title role in Weird:  The Al Yankovic Story.  Less than a week ago David Baddiel was asserting that only Jews should play Jews (referring to the casting of Helen Mirren as Golda Meir).  Weird Al is American, damn it, and Polish American at that.  Stop the cultural appropriation!


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