Thursday, January 06, 2022

Food for thought

 What a strange expression.  Of course brains run on glucose but that's not exactly food.  Anyway...

George Bush's press agent Dana Perana-fee-fi-mo-manna took time out from tweeting pictures of her dog Percy (she makes him wear clothes) to whine that Biden's speech was "inciting unnecessary anger among the people of the country."  How much anger is necessary?  More!  Crack your cheeks!  Rage!  Blow!  Oh wait, Fox News and Dana already blow.

The Nicolas Cage charm offensive continues.  Now the "thespian" says actors need to be stuntmen, too, knowledgeable about gun handling, motorcycle riding, fighting and driving a stick shift.  What about fencing, dancing, horseback riding, juggling, ice skating and the correct use of a zipline?  How about talking, Nic?  Could you work on that?

Glenn Beck is bragging about his covid but that's just the curtain raiser -- he scored a super-exclusive interview at MAGA-a-Lago and it's a classic:  wind power kills birds, California gasoline is more expensive than caviar, Anthony Fauci "totally controls" Biden, if not for him covid vaccines would have taken "five to twelve years" -- try not to overdose on nostalgia, "MAGA Nation" (he actually calls them that).  

Jeremy Faison is a Republican member of the Tennessee House of Representatives, but he's also a dad.  So when a loose ball provoked a brief scuffle between Providence Academy and young Faison's team Lakeway Christian Academy, what was he supposed to do?  He pretty much had to go on the court and try to pull down the referee's pants.  He says he's sorry.  I say remember when all these "academies" started?  No?  It was the white response to Brown v. Board of Education.  They continue to turn out fine people on both sides.

Seattle police spread rumors of armed Proud Boys in June 2020 in an attempt to frighten Black Lives Matter protesters away from the city.  They're not supposed to do that, are they?

Last month in Tasmania a wind gust lifted a bouncy castle thirty feet in the air, killing five children and injuring four.  Yesterday a similar incident near Valencia, Spain, killed one girl and injured eight.  Remember the 1997 Macy's Thanksgiving parade that should have been cancelled because of wind but wasn't, and a woman was nearly killed by the Cat in the Hat?  I can't remember the name of the mayor who insisted the show go on.  Wind is pretty easy to predict, unlike earthquakes.  This does not have to keep happening.

Ghislaine Maxwell may get a new trial because one of the jurors talked about his childhood sexual abuse during deliberations.  Who conducted the voir dire?  They couldn't find twelve people in New York County who hadn't been raped?

Arianna Delane, age four, was asleep in the front room of her family's apartment on January 1 when multiple shots were fired at the residence.  She suffered liver damage and three broken ribs.  The Houston police are investigating their own "delayed response" to the shooting.  None of this would be national news had George Floyd not been her great-uncle.

This is Clio, Muse of History, by William E. Rogers, and she's taking notes.



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