Monday, October 25, 2021

So that happened


Junior Trump took a break from propping up the informal economy of Colombia to introduce his witty new shirt mocking the death of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins.  Does Daddy love him yet?

Joseph Ladapo visited the office of Florida state senator Tina Polsky and she asked him to put on a mask because she has cancer and is about to start radiation therapy.  Ladapo, the freshly appointed Surgeon General of Florida, refused, suggesting they go out into the heat and humidity instead.  I think I can predict how Polsky will vote on Ladapo's confirmation, unless he succeeds in killing her first.

Ladapo's patron Ron DeSantis is coaxing anti-vax police to move to Florida for a $5,000 "relocation bonus."  Because the coronavirus needs all the help it can get from two-legged moRons.

Last week in the House (of Pain), Rep. Jim Banks  (R-IN) complained that the Speaker had not appointed him to Rep. Bennie Thompson's insurrection investigation committee.  Kevin McCarthy had submitted his name, knowing he would disrupt and subvert the committee's work, and Nancy Pelosi rejected him for the same reason.  Nevertheless, Banks has been sending letters to federal agencies in which he identifies himself as the ranking member; this was pointed out by Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY), who really is the ranking member.   Banks may have been inspired by the Seinfeld episode where George quits his job but keeps showing up, pretending that he was joking.  Or he may just be delusional like Trump.

Unlike Florida, California is attempting to keep as many residents alive as possible and has instituted stringent rules about vaccination and masks.  The In-N-Out chain of burger restaurants took exception to this, resulting in the temporary closure of its branch in San Francisco's Fisherman's Wharf.  Ever in solidarity with stupidity, Mike Pence went all the way to California to pose with a burger and fries.  And to thank In-N-Out for helping pay for the effort to recall the tyrant Newsom.

Sleep well, Seattle -- the Lego ring has been broken up.

While the Biden agenda stalls, Congress will take up a resolution introduced by Rep. Ilhan Omar to award the Congressional Gold Medal to Prince.  Welcome 2 America!

Alitalia is bankrupt and ceased operations on October 14.  Last week several dozen former flight attendants stripped to their underwear in the middle of Rome to dramatize their demand for extended  unemployment benefits.   I wonder if that would impress Joe Manchin/Kyrsten Sinema.

Does Liberty University discourage students from reporting assaults on campus?  Shocking, shocking.

Couy Griffin, who founded Cowboys For Trump (his day job is Commissioner of Otero County, New Mexico) was arrested for participating in the January 6 coup attempt.  Commissioner Snowflake did not like his treatment in jail -- he was kept in solitary for nine days, probably to protect him from other inmates who objected to his racism.  Anyway, he has turned on Trump.  Trump lied to him!  Trump was "in charge of the law" for four years but failed to lock up even one political opponent!  Not even Hillary!  What kind of democracy is this?  Again...a county commissioner.

Unsurprising but well sourced article in Rolling Stone about the planning meetings between members of Congress, White House staff and patriotic tourists which preceded the January coup attempt.  All the usual suspects:  Gosar, Greene, Brooks, Cawthorn, Gohmert, Boebert, and Biggs.  Condoleezza Rice should read it before she urges America to "move on" even though the violence made her cry.  Never looking back or holding anyone responsible began at Appomattox and is the key to our present near-failed state, Madam Secretary.  

I would not call myself a JFK conspiracy theorist -- really, who has the time? -- but I share Charlie Pierce's incredulity that the Biden administration has delayed yet again releasing records as approved by Congress in 1992.  This time the excuse is the pandemic, which prevented the National Archives from huddling with the State, Defense and Justice Departments about possible harm to -- say it with me -- NATIONAL SECURITY.  After 58 years.  The can was kicked down the road to 2022* when probably global warming or an impending war with Belgium will be cited.  If they're waiting for Mark Lane or Mae Brussell to die, that has already happened.  If Oliver Stone promises not to make a sequel, may the dwindling number of us who actually remember Kennedy finally learn our own damn history? 

*December 2022.  After the election.     


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