Thursday, October 28, 2021

More of the same


Pope Francis is meeting Joe Biden.  I'll bet he looks happier than he did here.

Facebook has changed its name to Meta.  That should fix everything.  In a related story, North Korea will be called Happytown.

Acknowledging the plaintiffs' claim that the FBI screwed up the background check and allowed Dylann Roof to buy the gun he used at Mother Emanuel, the Justice Department settled with the victims' families for $88 million.  Republican members of the Senate Judiciary Committee immediately demanded that Merrick Garland come back and be abused some more.  (It's all right to call those people "victims" because they were studying the Bible when they were murdered.)

Some of the servers at Hooters are unhappy about the revealing uniforms they have to wear.  Evidently they expected to be dressed like Margaret Thatcher.  

Mark McCloskey is still running for the Senate in Missouri and in answer to a question about abortion he told a charming story:  He says he has a client who was raped by her uncle at age 13 and gave birth to the baby and she has had a wonderful life, even went to graduate school!   Apparently lawyer-client confidentiality means even less to McCloskey than the right of women (and girls) to make decisions.  Or it could just be bullshit.

The point is not that Ted Cruz defends the right of people at school board riots to throw Nazi salutes.  The point is that he does so to rage about FBI SWAT teams bursting in to stop them, which is pure moonshine.  Board members are not asking to be defended against silly hand signals from the 1940s.  It's the death threats, stupid.


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