Wednesday, July 07, 2021

Too much virus

 Of course there is, and it's the Delta variant which has learned how to spread between people who are in separate rooms, and it's worst in red states for some reason, but that's not why we're here.  Another excerpt from another book has come to light and it rehashes all of Trump's obsessions, including his impending electoral disaster.  According to Michael Wolff our Stable Genius sussed out the wheels-within-wheels strategy of the Democrats:  Allow his light-saber debating skills to eviscerate poor old Joe Biden so they could replace him with a ticket of Andrew Cuomo and Michelle Obama, Black women being more or less interchangeable.  When none of this occurred and the pandemic raged unchecked, Trump decided he could use it as an excuse to cancel the 2020 elections because "too much virus."  It took Mark Meadows and Chris Christie to talk him out of that so he could begin ranting about how the election would be "inaccurate & fraudulent."  Which is where we are now, right, Arizona?

And the bleat goes on.  Today Trump and something called America First Policy Institute filed a class-action suit against Twitter, Facebook and YouTube because they don't want to be tools of the Big Lie anymore.  The "class" would presumably include other white nationalists and racists who have been banned by these private corporations for violating their policies and are therefore stealing their "First Amendment right to free speech."  So the Big Liar found a cheap lawyer who's no better than his previous lawyers at interpreting an amendment the rest of us learned about in eighth grade history.  Trump should have nationalized social media when he had the chance.

Don't be surprised if Margie Greene signs on to the big dumb class action (more like no-class action, am I right?).  Less than two weeks after her field trip to the US Holocaust Memorial Museum she's back to Nazi references, accusing the administration of sending "medical brown shirts" door to door to "force people to be part of a medical experiment" by getting vaccinated.  It's a matter of time until Twitter cancel-cultures her for lying about the vaccines, which are indeed CDC-approved. 

 Trumpanzees may not name Hitler but he's never far from their thoughts.  The Guardian got a copy of Michael Bender's book which fleshes out Trump's cancelled visit to Aisne-Marne Cemetery in 2018 (it was raining).  John Kelly, then chief of staff, had to explain which countries were on which side in the First World War and then refute the statement, "Well, Hitler did a lot of good things."  Kelly was reportedly "stunned" to hear these words from the man who had called his dead son a sucker and a loser during a trip to Arlington.  With understatement rare among Marines Kelly called Trump "the most flawed person I have ever met in my life."  He was fixated on German economic "recovery" in the 1930s, which is easy if you destroy trade unions to depress wages, jail all opponents, kick Jews and women out of their jobs and professions, pour government money into infrastructure (and re-armament) and just plain lie about how well you're doing.  Many were fooled, including David Lloyd George and Henry Luce.  If you want to understand how German industry got on board, I recommend the books of Peter Hayes like Industry and Ideology:  I.G. Farben in the Nazi Era.

Speaking of confused generals, did Mickey Flynn have any clue what was going on when he posed in front of this with Mike Lindell and posted it on Telegram?

I can't embiggen it any more.  Is the Lost Dutchman Mine referenced somewhere?  What about Joe Shapiro?




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