Friday, July 09, 2021

One of these things is much like another

 "You need to get your facts straight."  -- Mike Pence to Trump, sometime in 2018, after Trump crumpled a newspaper article and threw it at him, and Pence threw it back.  

Oh, Michael Bender, I needed that.  The context was some argument over whose turn it was to employ Corey Lewandowski, something something who cares.  Telling Trump to get "facts" straight on any topic is comedy gold.  Like telling Jack the Ripper to stop littering East End streets. 

Trump is thrilled that so many books about him are being published, and has instructed his cult to ignore all of them because he never said what he said about Adolf Hitler, Jamal Khashoggi or bone saws in general.  Or called Pence "disloyal" although he is, since he didn't stop the Electoral College certification.  Or said "grab 'em by the pussy" on the Access Hollywood tape, which was obviously FAKE.  I hope that's clear.  Also, he invented vaccine, not that Jenner loser.

You need both books, because Michael Wolff's has the dirt on other people Trump hates.  (NB:  They are not therefore good people.)  Like Bill Barr, who refused to investigate the "voter fraud" hoax ("What a phony.")  And Rupert Murdoch, who personally ordered Fox News to call Arizona for Biden on November 3.  And US Attorneys in swing states who also ignored his threats.  More recently Junior's girlfriend Kimberly Guilfoyle made the enemies list because she took a job with Eric Greitens's Senate campaign in Missouri.  So much rage is not good for an old man with bad cholesterol.  I hope.

Olympics organizers have announced that Tokyo, which is in a state of covid emergency, will go ahead with the games minus spectators because so much money is on the line.  Also hopes, dreams, etc.  Missouri, on the other hand, is welcoming tourists despite being described as "Ground Zero" for the Delta variant since so many residents refuse categorically to be vaccinated, wear a mask or put on shoes.  Josh Hawley will be along soon to explain why it's all the fault of Silicon Valley.  How badly do you need to see Shrek:  The Musical in Branson?  Bring your own ventilator, they're getting scarce.

The Capitol Police had a lot of extra expenses this year and will run out of money in August.  Yesterday the House passed a $1.9 billion funding bill by a single vote because some progressives want to de-fund the police.  The bill will now stall in the Senate because some reactionaries want to de-fund these police.  When the next coup happens, I suppose they can rent National Guards from Virginia or Maryland.  Will those states take a post-dated check?

And the American experiment rolls on.  


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