Tuesday, July 06, 2021

Going for it

 Ah, but a man's reach should exceed his grasp, or what are we even doing here?  'Tis not too late to seek another term.  Rage, rage against the dying...

As a pessimist I can't help but admire people who won't give up, who celebrate the triumph of hope over common sense and friends who plead, "Don't make an ass of yourself."  

Take Bill Cosby -- I should say Dr. William H. Cosby, Ph.D., as he was once credited on his television show.   Despite being 84 years old (next Monday) and despite being a rapist whose conviction was overturned on a technicality, Cos wants fans to know he is embarking on a comedy tour or a series of speaking engagements, depending on the fee, I suppose.  His spokesman Andrew Wyatt insists he is getting calls from comedy club owners eager for jokes about prison food and how hard it is to find Quaaludes these days.

If you remember Alex Jones at all, it's probably for torturing the parents whose children were murdered at Sandy Hook Elementary School in 2012, calling them "crisis actors" and alleging the atrocity was staged to help Obama take away all the precious guns.  A number of parents finally had enough and  sued the jovial radio comic for defamation.  Now Jones and his lawyers have juiced up the crazy by asking the court to subpoena Hillary Clinton to testify.  They allege that she organized the parents as part of a "vendetta" against Jones and Trump.  Not that they pulled her name from a hat:  Erica Lafferty, whose mother was the principal of Sandy Hook, spoke at the 2016 Democratic National Convention, therefore conspiracy.  Mark Bankston, who represents some of the parents, observed, "It's just good lawyering.  Personally I have a subpoena lined up for the estate of Elvis Presley and a document request relating to the Bermuda Triangle."  Comedy club owners should book him.  As for Jones, he should quit while he's ahead of someone, even if it's only Jeffrey Epstein.

But he won't, and neither will Trump while a single MAGAt has a credit card that isn't maxed out.  A good jolly, said George Ade, is worth whatever you pay for it, and they certainly had a humdinger in Sarasota.  The bottomless self-pity got even deeper with last week's indictments, along with the jaw-dropping stupidity of admitting out loud that you don't care about the law.  The opening act was none other than Statutory Gaetz -- you can't get shut of the sex offenders on the right these days -- and the crowd wore costumes and yowled their approval, like Deadheads on PCP.   What will they all do when August 13 comes and goes? 

Yes, it's on again.  On August 13 the Supreme Court will definitely return from their vacations and, in a surprising interpretation of the Third Amendment, reinstate Trump.  So said MyPillow Lindell on another of those Russian-front platforms you never heard of.  It will be "the talk of the world."  I'll bet.  Several Senate races will also be overturned, though for some reason the House can chill.  Something for Trump to hang onto as he roams the grounds of Mar a Loser asking random strangers to recommend a good cheap lawyer (according to Michael Wolff).  Rage, rage against the counting of the votes.  That's August 13, yes, it's a Friday, and in the morning, Lindell says. 

What happens to a dream deferred?  Does it explode?  We may find out.





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