Wednesday, June 02, 2021


A family was enjoying the day on their boat on Moses Lake, Washington, when some assholes spotted their Gay Pride flag and began circling them, yelling abuse.  Perhaps as a result of this maneuver, the assholes' engine exploded, setting fire to their boat.  The family, who are much nicer than I am, pulled the injured assholes out of the water.  Apparently one asshole shat himself.  Is there video?  You bet!

Kamala Harris, who is the Vice-President of the United States, has officially caused the Right to Lose its Mind.  On Sunday she tweeted about those who "risked everything to defend our freedoms and our country."  The previous day she had tweeted, "Enjoy the long weekend."  This enraged Fox News and especially Nikki Haley, whose own Memorial Day message to the troops was, "Thankful on this Memorial Day for the blessings of family and spending time with my little one," her "little one" being her nineteen-year-old son Nalin.  Nalin does not appear to be in uniform.   It's not as if Harris wrote, "HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY!" like some psycho.

The 2020 and 2021 graduating classes of Wilberforce University got a welcome surprise at their combined commencement ceremony today:  The board of trustees has cancelled all student debt, more than $375,000 from the United Negro College Fund and other sources.  "We wish to give you a fresh start," said university president Elfred Anthony Pinkard.  And perhaps set an example for other, more lavishly endowed schools.  (Looking at you, Harvard.)

Israel's long national nightmare may be over, as opposition leader Yair Lapid informed the president that he was prepared to create a coalition government to replace Benjamin Netanyahu.  I don't understand all the details, but apparently Naftali Bennett of the far right gets to be prime minister for two years and then Lapid.  The big story is that for the first time an Arab party, United Arab List, will be part of the government.  Baby steps.  Meanwhile Lindsey Graham, who won't support emergency work on American infrastructure, thinks we should give Israel a billion dollars to "replenish the batteries of the Iron Dome defense system."  Can't they just plug it in?

The lease is still for sale on the Trump Trivago Hotel in Washington, and this time they've engaged a broker.  If it wasn't such a money pit maybe Motel Six would be interested.

A bunch of House Republicans are pushing a bill to forbid US embassies from displaying the Rainbow Flag.  It has no hope (and no Democratic sponsors), it's just a chance to display hate.  And that's where we came in.  Happy Pride Month!


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