Saturday, May 15, 2021

What year is this?

Three years ago the NFL agreed to a billion-dollar settlement with the Players Association for claims of traumatic brain injury suffered by former players.  The league, however, stipulated that the criteria for normal cognitive function be lower for Black players, who therefore must score lower than whites to demonstrate mental decline.  Why Judge Anita B. Brody and the PA accepted this is unknown, but former players are now suing to have it changed. 

America has a new chess master.  His name is Tanitoluwa "Tani" Adewumi, he came here from Nigeria to evade Boko Haram, and he was homeless until Nicholas Kristof wrote about him in the New York Times.  He is ten years old.

The building in Gaza where the Associated Press had an office was also home to Al-Jazeera and other news organizations before Israeli air strikes reduced it to rubble.  The Biden administration has expressed its concern, saying that the safety of the press is "paramount."  It remains silent about the more than 140 dead Palestinians.

Peru has the world's highest per capita death rate from covid and its legislature has now voted to investigate the use of industrial strength bleach as a cure.  That should help.

Foreign accent syndrome is real.  Angie Yen, a dentist in Brisbane, Australia, had her tonsils removed and now suffers from an Irish brogue.  Doctors have prescribed rest.

A fresh scandal is brewing in Washington:  Joe Biden ordered flags to half-staff for Peace Officers Memorial Day today, only to be reminded that it is also Armed Forces Day, which calls for full-staff.  A bipartisan commission will probably be named to investigate this gross insult to somebody.

Governor Kevin Stitt (R-OK) signed a bill that prohibits teaching public school students anything negative about American racism.  As a consequence he has been kicked off the Tulsa Race Massacre Centennial Commission, which was probably his plan all along.

Congress has a gym and a barber shop for members but no psychiatric clinic.  They should get one.  Screaming through another member's mail slot like Margie Three-names is a cry for help.  Why wait until she's shoving dog shit through the door?  Also one of her cohort yelled at Eric Swalwell for wearing a mask.  Where is Crazytown, Georgia?  Where, by the way, she's scamming the state by claiming two homestead exemptions from property tax.  Georgia will get its money when they pry it from...


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