Thursday, May 13, 2021

That's not how any of this works

 As of today the US has experienced 194 mass shootings (four or more victims) this year.  At the risk of annoying Ted Cruz, I have to say that's too many even for this freedom-loving, tree-of-liberty-watering mess of a country.  Today, however, there's a glimmer of hope:  Guns are bad for business.

There was a fight over trading cards in the parking lot of a Target store in Brookfield, Wisconsin, and the customer who purchased the cards, beset by four men, pulled his gun (as you do).  Because of this and other incidents, Target says it will no longer carry Pokemon or sports trading cards.  These were not kids, presumed to be the prime market for such items; all five men were in their twenties and thirties.  One of them was prepared to shoot the other four over small pieces of cardboard, a sort of blue-collar Bitcoin, I presume.  I remember when they were free with bubble gum.  

Anyway, this could be a path forward previously unexplored by Mike Bloomberg's Anytown For Gun Safety and similar organizations.  If ill-governed states and municipalities continue to encourage idiots to pack heat when they shop, drink or dine, retailers will gradually stop selling the most fought-over merchandise until Americans grow up.  The market -- source of all wisdom, right?

The Oregon Medical Board has cancelled Dr. Steven LaTulippe for endangering and misinforming his patients.  When entering his clinic they were required to remove their masks and informed that masks cause elevated blood pressure and "carbon dioxide toxicity."  Although he told a Trump mob last year that there were "zero" problems from this madness, the patients disagreed.   No doubt LaTulippe will be attempting to join Cassidy, Paul, DesJarlais, Marshall and the other rogue doctors in Congress next year.  Oregon, you've been warned. 

There's a new space race in town!  Who will be the first movie star to reach the International Space Station and make a film there, Tom Cruise (US) or Yulia Peresild (Russia)?  If they crank the Hubble telescope around this way and aim it at me, maybe it will manage to detect how much of a damn I give.

Its work done, the Lincoln Project has gone quiet.  It's now left to MeidasTouch to provide your daily jolt of energizing rage.  If it's just too early, try Randy Rainbow.

The war is escalating between the EU and the breakaway UK.  Last week the Royal Navy was dispatched to Jersey as French fishermen threatened to blockade St. Helier in a dispute over fishing rights.  Now EU citizens arriving in the UK to look for work are being detained or bundled back to Europe (the rules are confusing and contradictory, the treatment traumatizing and degrading).  Border checks may have to be lightened or eliminated in the face of food and other shortages.  Hey, you Brexit, you bought it.

The purge of Liz Cheney has raised her profile beyond measure -- thanks, Kevin and all you other idiots -- and now she's hinting she'd like to run for president.  The enemy of our enemy is not our friend, and a Cheney is still a Cheney.  Others trashed by Trump include Sessions, Pence, Kemp and Romney.  Avoid them all like the covid.

Radhika Fox has been nominated to head the EPA's Office of Water, but first she has to get past creepy old man James Inhofe (R-OK).  At today's hearing he told her, "I will look forward to working with you.  And if you don't behave I'm going to talk to your daddy."  (Her father was present.)  I suppose we should be grateful the 86-year-old didn't threaten to put her over his knee.  Republican outreach to women is a Sisyphean effort, and Inhofe's attitude is the boulder.

Facing corruption charges and unable to form a coalition government, Benjamin Netanyahu was in desperate need of a distraction.  He got one when Muslims came to pray at the al-Aqsa Mosque and, as they say, "clashed" with Jewish nationalists and the omnipresent troops.  Now it's a full-on battle of rockets and missiles, with the IDF poised to invade Gaza.  On top of the Mount Heron stampede, it's been quite a spring.  

"That instrument is just unsurpassable."  Who said that about her own voice?  Birgit Nilsson, Marian Anderson, Leontyne Price, Aretha Franklin, Lucia Popp, Janet Baker, Marilyn Horne, Eleanor Steber, Zinka Milanov, Yma Sumac, Sarah Vaughn?  Guess again.  Joan Baez, the sound of vinegar.  I always preferred Judy Collins and I always will.



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Several years back I saw a discussion panel TV show during which Dick Armey Told Joan Walsh, then editor of Salon, that if they were back in Texas in his day, he would have put her over his knee. She handled it far better than he deserved.

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