Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Bill Gates is in my bloodstream

 Hang on to something, it gets crazy fast.

"Daunte Wright was met with aggression & violence.  I am done with those who condone government funded murder.  No more policing, incarceration and militarization.  It can't be reformed."

We're all horrified and disgusted by the killing of Daunte Wright, Congresswoman Tlaib, but you appear to have fallen into the vat of Kool Aid and tried to drink your way out.  No sane person believes this or any society can get along without police.  Have you noticed how much money seditionists like Cruz and Greene have raised lately?  This will only help them.

Someone in New York wants to marry their adult child and has filed suit to overturn the state's incest law.  The suit describes them as PAACNP (Parent and Adult Child Non-Procreationable).  Spellcheck doesn't think that's a word and neither do I.  Nineteen million people live in the state of New York and these two can't get a date with one of them?

Kim Potter, who resigned from the Brooklyn Center police department after killing Daunte Wright, was a 26-year veteran and a training officer.  Repeat after me:  This is my taser, this is my gun, one is for deterring a suspect and the other isn't.  (Incidentally, Derek Chauvin was also a training officer.  The three rookies he trained will go on trial next.)

Now that pillow magnate Mike Lindell has all but reinstalled Trump in his rightful White House and all but destroyed Twitter and the other radicaliberal social media, he's coming for Amazon.  Before you sign up for another year of Amazon Plus check out MyStore and its many not-sold-in-stores products.  I'm leaning toward BleedStop because I bleed all the time, especially after eating Beach Bark Brittle.  But do they sell whatever Mike is smoking these days?

The Fukushima nuclear power plant has about a million tons of contaminated water it plans to dump in the ocean over the next three decades.  What could go wrong?  Probably nothing worse than the phosphate-rich water being pumped into Tampa Bay.

Mike Pompeo is in trouble with the Fox News ethics department...wait, why are you laughing?

The US Drought Monitor warns that the western part of the country is in for a historic drought this summer.  Better rake those forests.

Having decided that Anthony Fauci conspired with China to invent covid-19, Pastor Rick Wiles of Flowing Streams Church in Vero Beach, Florida, demands that he be waterboarded until he confesses.  Somebody has to keep those Christian traditions alive.  

John Cornyn can't believe Joe Biden is "really in charge" because he doesn't constantly give interviews or emit a stream of mad tweets at three in the morning.  Also his speeches are scripted and he never praises himself or whines about being the most harassed president in history.  If Cornyn can't remember the Obama administration, maybe he's too senile to be a senator. 

"Shooting the vaccine/Bill Gates is in my bloodstream/It's mind control," Mick Jagger sings on his new single "Eazy Sleazy."  Just what we need, another reason for the skittish and the credulous to dodge the vaccine.  (He also sings about running out of clean clothes, so maybe not a hundred percent serious.)  Distribution of the Johnson & Johnson one-shot has been suspended because six people out of seven million developed rare blood clots.  This coronavirus cleverly leaves most of its victims alive and unimpaired so people will get together and enable it to spread and mutate, like the Michigan Republicans who held a district meeting in a restaurant.  If covid made people crippled like polio or disfigured like smallpox, even idiots like these would be screaming for a shot.  Anyway, it's no "Gimme Shelter" but not bad for a man of 77.    




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